YOUNITE: a new group of rookie boys under a brand new music

The wait is coming to an end!

On February 14 KST, new musicwhich is home to many K-pop, R&B and hip-hop artists, including Lee Eunsan, AB6lX, Bumkey, BDC, and more, finally released the official teaser video with the logo of his upcoming boy group, YOUNITE (pronounced the same as ‘unir’ in English).

The official teaser

The teaser is 36 seconds long with the narration of a man saying, “You and me: we are connected”.

In the short teaser, fans can see two planets; purple and pink merging in the dreamlike universe, representing fans and the band as ‘YOU&I’, shortening to ‘UNI’ and eventually forming the band’s official name, YOUNITE(유나이트).

The clip ends with the tagline ‘WE ARE CONNECTED‘, relaying the message of how our world is connected to each other.

The trailer successfully catches the attention of K-pop fans all over the world.

So who exactly are YOUNITE?

YOUNITE is a pre-debut boy group under Brand New Music. They are expected to debut in the first half of 2022.

The group consists of nine members.

Meet the band members:

Lee Eunsang (02 liner), who debuted in Produce 101’s project group X1 formed by CJ ENM on Mnet, but due to unfortunate circumstances, the boy group disbanded in January 2020.

He was the singer and member X of the group. He is also a self-taught dancer and choreographer and has proven his talent on several occasions.

Later he decided to join Brand New Music as a soloist with his 1st single album ‘Beautiful Scar’ Feat. AB6lX, which is about to reach 11 million views on YouTube.

The young entertainer also appeared in the K-drama’Idol: the Cut‘ as Dann, a member of a kpop group called ‘mars’.

Before disclosing his name in Brand New Music’s upcoming boy group, he made his comeback with his second single “Beautiful Sunshine”.

Another well-known face among K-pop fans, Lim Kyungmythe old JYP Animation intern and JYP-PSY survival show STRONG participant.

He was revealed as a new member on January 7, 2021.

The other members of the group are Eunho (elder, 01 understudy), Steve, Hyeonseung, Habin, Woono, Sehyon (contestant on High School Rapper 4), and If we (maknae/younger, 04 liner). (Click on to their name to check them out!)

YOUNITE social media accounts and identifiers

Brand New Music has also launched new official social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Fan Cafe, Tiktok and V Live for YOUNITE. However, the official YouTube channel opened months ago and has been actively posting dance and music covers by the members for two months.

So far, they’ve released a song cover of Finn Askew’s ‘Roses’, a dance cover of AUDREY NUNA’s ‘damn Right’, and a catchy short self-produced song ‘correct+job‘ by Sehyeon, Woono and Steve (members of YOUNITE) with Yellow Willow.

The official YOUNITE YouTube channel also uploaded a 7-minute long vlog showing off their wacky and playful side of the group members.

The members enthusiastically chat with their fans using their official group Twitter account.

UPDATE: Brand New Music has released Lee Eunsang & Woono’s prologue

To the surprise of fans, Brand New Music released the official prologue films of Eunsang and Woono. Discover them here!

Other official details regarding the group’s debut will soon be released by Brand New Music via official platforms. So stay tuned for further updates!

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