WVU’s Mon Hills Music Group Partners with VEEPIO on NIL Policy Opportunities for Student Athletes Pursuing Business Opportunities in the Music Industry

Morgantown, Virginia – WVU College of Creative Arts’ record label group, My Hills Music Group, is proud to announce their partnership with an integrated e-commerce platform, VEEPIO, to enable WVU student-athletes to ” identify, realize and manage business opportunities in the music industry related to the new NCAA NIL (name, image, likeness) policy.

“We are delighted to partner with VEEPIO in this important endeavor and valuable service to WVU athletes,” said Professor Darko Velichkovski, Director of My Hills Music Group and the WVU Music Industry program. “The VEEPIO management team – Grant Wiley, Najee Goode and Jonathan Ohliger – are all not only graduates of WVU, but also outstanding alumni of the WVU football program, and it is always a pleasure to work with. those who understand our state, our people, our university and that “once a climber, always a climber” is not just a slogan, but our way of life. “

To this end, Mon Hills Music Group has created a new label, Climb Records, which will join its group of two existing labels, Mon Hills Records and Go 1st Records. In conjunction with VEEPIO, Climb Records will be operated and managed as a music production, artist representation and record label platform for WVU student-athletes seeking commercial opportunities in the industry. music.

Grant, Najee and Jon understand and appreciate West Virginia and WVU, just like us at My Hills Music Group, and they also understand our student-athletes, are deeply rooted in the athlete marketing industry, and have created a powerful fintech platform for this business, ”Velichkovski added.“ My Hills Music Group’s collective expertise and experience in music industry systems, production and practices will strengthen VEEPIO’s commercial reach and expand the field of business opportunities for WVU athletes.

“The music industry, as a multi-billion dollar international business, is full of business opportunities that music-oriented WVU student-athletes might want to explore. My Hills Music Group and its label Climb Records, in together with VEEPIO and his team, is now here to help them pursue and seize these types of opportunities. We look forward to working with and empowering many of our WVU student-athletes in this area. “

“We are thrilled to partner with My Hills Music Group to provide this generation of WVU athletes with the opportunity to explore and expand their talents in the music industry,” said Grant Wiley, Chief Executive Officer. culture of VEEPIO and a member of the WVU Sports Hall of Fame. “Athletes these days have multiple talents, and thanks to technology they have been able to explore and develop these talents on their own, but now with this partnership our athletes can go even further. present and future generations of WVU student-athletes to know that WVU continues to provide them with the resources to be successful in all areas of their lives, not just in sport.

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