What is the infamous Emo Logan Paul Meme?

Logan Paul knows how to go viral on the internet. The YouTube sensation has been in the social media circle since Vines began. Since launching into the creation of Vines, Paul has continued to explode, going viral on the platform. He then moved on to YouTube, where he began his prolific career as a YouTuber and social media sensation.


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While Logan Paul knows how to go viral, every once in a while he goes viral for all the wrong reasons or without doing anything. The Emo meme Logan Paul was one such example. A photo of an Emo man with a facial structure surprisingly similar to Logan Paul went viral in 2017.

What does Emo mean?


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Emo basically refers to a kind of musical style and taste that a certain part of people relate to. A typical emo man or woman will wear a lot of accessories, have long hair that covers their eyes, and dyed hair. The type of grunge or dark look fits the description of an Emo person perfectly.

How did Logan Paul react?

Logan Paul has revealed how the internet and all of his friends laughed at him about the meme. “All my boys laugh at me for my nipple, but I have an idea. We’ll see who laughs now. You’ve all seen the memes, but the emo man in this viral photo is actually not me… until today.

In typical Logan ‘The Maverick’ Paul fashion, he made the most of the situation and turned it into content. Paul hired a makeup artist and had a full emo makeover to make him look exactly like the meme.

Paul shared his makeover with his followers, posting it on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. While many fans saw the fun side of Paul’s makeover, it disgusted and scared others.

It’s good to see that the YouTuber turned boxer knows how to take a joke and tap into it. That’s why Paul rose to the top of the social media and entertainment world because he made the most of opportunities like this.


Eddie Hearn condemns Triller for Evander Holyfield fight

in about 1 hour


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What is Logan Paul doing now?

Since starting boxing, the YouTuber-turned-boxer has not posted on his YouTube channel. Most recently, Paul fought one of the greatest boxers of all time Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather in an exhibition match.

June 6, 2021; Miami, Florida, United States; Floyd Mayweather Jr. (Green Trunks) fights Logan Paul (Yellow Trunks) in an exhibition boxing match at Hard Rock Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The pair fought in the ring for eight rounds. However, as neither team was able to secure an finish, there was no official winner, according to show rules. Nonetheless, given his display, he’ll definitely be confident on more fights.


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Who do you think Logan Paul should fight next?

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