Violin trio of siblings once again sharing their passion in person

BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) – This summer, music festivals are back, orchestras are once again performing in front of large crowds, and bands can return to stages around WNY. When the pandemic put an end to their passion, it was difficult for three Buffalo siblings.

“The concerts were, you know, canceled and everything was going wrong. We were locked out for a year, ”said Jaliyah Linton, a third party of Vibrant Strings.

At only 26, 24 and 18 years old, these young musicians already have decades of experience, playing classical and modern musical genres.

“My grandfather Larry Salter is the one we can thank for that, he’s a well known musician in the city of Buffalo, he took us to see the Buffalo Philharmonic when we were super young and we said ‘Dad, I want to learn to play this instrument, ”and since then we’ve just taken over,” Johnny Linton said.

Over the years they have performed with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, gained a few fans, and started performing at their own events.

“Weddings, we’ve played for the Urban League before, we’ve opened for the Gateways Music Festival,” said Rahim Dunston, the youngest member of the group.

When the events stopped in 2020, so did the music. They could train and play in small venues with caution, but that’s about it. So they each took this time to keep growing and staying positive.

Johnny works in financial consulting and is pursuing professional bodybuilding training, Jaliyah has written a children’s music literacy book, and Rahim is studying at the University of Buffalo to become an actor.

And now that Buffalo is bouncing back, they say it’s a great time to pursue their shared passion and bring music back to full swing.
“As the city opens up again, I hope to collaborate with more people, get out more,” Dunston said.

The trio already have reservations until 2022. They are encouraging people to reach out to them on social media so they can show up in front of larger crowds and show WNY that what makes this trio special is their bond as siblings.

“I played with a lot of people, but it has nothing to do with the people who lived in the same house as you and who you grew up with, it’s a comfortable feeling. More and more opportunities are opening up so it’s like… why stop? Jaliyah said.

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