VERIVERY Songs to listen to if you are a new fan

If you haven’t checked VERIVERY however, this is THE sign you’ve been waiting for! Hailed as the most synchronized fourth-gen K-pop boy group, VERIVERY debuted on January 9, 2019, with seven members namely Lee dongheon, Bae Hoyoung, Hong Minchan, Jo gyehyeon, Ju yeonho, Kim yongseung, and Yoo Kangmin. It is a versatile group with members who can dance, sing, rap, compose and produce songs. Not only that, but they also conceptualize and take photos for their own album (DIY version) and make and edit their own video clips (DIY MVs). He’s an incredible talent right there!

With a solid discography to their credit, it’s no wonder that VERIVERY became the first fourth-generation K-pop boy group to hit the charts no. 1 on Billboard’s Global Digital Song Sales Chart, and the fourth K-pop boy group of all time to top the same Billboard charts with more than one song, only after BIG BANG, EXO, and BTS.

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VERIVERY a six mini-albums and two single albums over a span of over two years, and we’ve picked 15 of their songs (in no particular order) that we think should be on any K-pop fan’s playlist in right now (that’s a tough feat. We know!). Check out our list below:

VERIVERY Songs for Beginner Fans

1. “With us” (Itaewon class OST)

At the top of the list is a healing song about staying together while making your dreams come true. VERIVERYThe soulful vocals of, coupled with soft raps, make this song both moving and inspiring. This is why it is the perfect OST for Itaewon class, one of the most popular K-dramas of 2020.

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To concern VERIVERYthe live performance of “With Us” during the Kcon: tact 2020 summer here:

2. “Tag Tag Tag”

In this song, VERIVERY incorporates a pun with the word “tag” to mean “play a tag” and “hashtag”. Despite the upbeat tune, the official music video has a chilling storyline which is an interesting combination and will have you eagerly awaiting the sequel. The stage performances also include hashtag choreography and a subtly sexy “pick me” part that fans love to ask frontman and lead rapper, Dongheon, to show them at fan signs and other events.

Watch it for yourself while jamming on “Tag Tag Tag” in this Countdown fancam:

VERIVERY also released a special Halloween video “Tag Tag Tag” last year. And since it’s that time of year, check out this and catch a glimpse of the wacky limbs of the members dancing in special costumes for a good laugh:

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3. “Trigger”

VERIVERYtitle song of their latest EP, Series ‘O’ Round 2: Hole, begins with unique instrumentals that are also scattered throughout the song. The vocal harmony that leads to the chorus and the rap at the climax makes listening to this track so much fun!

Watch the full ‘Trigger’ music video while trying to decipher the dark and deep lyrics here:

4. “Photos”

This B-side track incorporates various photo-taking elements into the lyrics. VERIVERY also performed this song in one of their Road to the kingdom (RTK) to highlight their most intense sides. The acting and the facial expressions of the members gave goosebumps throughout the performance. Fans definitely saw another side of VERIVERY through this song. Rapper Hoyoung’s rap parts gave this song a charm on its own.

Find out how other idol group contestants reacted to VERIVERY‘s RTK step of “Photo” here:

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5. “So much gravity”

VERIVERYThe ballads do not disappoint. The raw, nostalgic message of this self-produced song ends on a note of hope which may be the reason it is so beloved by fans. A DIY MV produced by VERIVERY has also been published showing the sentimental sides of the members. VERIVERYMinchan’s lead vocalist and visual, directs and edits all of the band’s DIY music videos himself.

Watch the DIY MV “So Gravity” here:

6. “Relax”

Beware of this LSS inducing track! You might find yourself singing this song subconsciously because of its catchy beat and melody. Fun fact: for the filming of the MV, the VERIVERY members were to learn the mirror dance of the choreography. It’s not CG!

Check out how cool this choreography is in the official “Lay Back” MV here:

7. “Super special”

The members’ journey as a group began with this pre-debut song. It is the corporate action of Now VERIVERY, their pre-debut reality show, which started airing on September 21, 2018. They even had a street event in one of the episodes of the show where they had to invite people to watch. Kangmin, the maknae and face of the group, was only 15 years old (international age) at the time!

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To verify VERIVERYThe scene from busking’s “Super Special” event in this clip:

The acoustic version of “Super Special” was also included in the band’s debut album, Check us out. Relax to the sound of music while watching the acoustic version “Super Special”. MV, also produced by VERIVERY, here:

8. “Ring Ring Ring”

Different from their recent releases, VERIVERY debuted with a bright and happy concept. This song is a refreshing pick-me-up that you can use to energize your day!

Discover a fresh and sparkling VERIVERY in the official “Ring Ring Ring” MV here:

9. “Thunder”

After their passage in Road to the kingdom, VERIVERY released them Face you album that featured a more intense sound in this title song. The high notes of the lead voice, Yeonho, will surely amaze you. Not only that, Verivery executes the choreography perfectly and their timing is so satisfying to watch.

Check out their perfect angles in the “Thunder” dance practice video here:

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10. “From now on”

Imagine if it came out in 2021: VERIVERYThe first comeback song of would probably be a really cute and fun Tiktok trend! The lyrics are also thrilling and will have you smiling from ear to ear!

Watch the bright and colorful performance video for “From Now” here:

11. “Escape”

We see a dark and mature VERIVERY again in this song. From their sound and scene to their facial expressions, the members show how much they’ve grown as a band in such a short time. And, of course, in real life VERIVERY mode, they incorporated unique sounds into the song. Hear lead singer Gyehyeon’s iconic tongue snap that caused quite a stir among Korean internet users.

Watch this 4K video of “Get Away” in Studio Coom:

12. “Okay”

Retro was a popular concept in the K-pop music scene in 2020 but VERIVERY was ahead of the trend in 2019 with their new jack swing songs. With its funky beats and cool mix of vocals and rap, this song is a must-listen!

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Watch the full video of the ‘Alright’ performance made more fun with the inclusion of limb synchronized feet here:

13. “GBTB”

After hearing this song we bet you’ll sing “Who’s Going to Pull the Trigger?” ” with us! For a special Halloween musical show, VERIVERY performed this track with spooky outfits and makeup. Lead dancer Yongseung’s creepy facial expressions also stood out on this stage.

Discover the “GBTB” performances in Countdownthe Halloween episode here:

14. “Belle-x”

In Road to the kingdom, VERIVERY explored different performance concepts thus showing their versatility. For the final step, the band chose to perform a brilliant pop song in classic school uniforms. The twist? The choreography included dancing with basketballs!

Watch their “Beautiful-x” scene here and find out what the “x” means near the end:

15. “Moment”

Another gem that must be discovered by more K-pop fans is this heartwarming ballad of VERIVERY‘s Look at me album. The lyrics are about promising to remember a special moment with someone you love. This song will make you want to see the snow fall while being enveloped in someone’s embrace. *sigh*

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To verify VERIVERYthe live performance of “Moment” in this video:

Honestly we could still go on because VERIVERY just released too many great songs. So you know what? Forget—Jjust add everything VERIVERYsongs from your playlist and you won’t regret it for sure!

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