Vanilla Bloom delivers the authentic flavors of psychedelic pop with ‘Promise’

Author: Alicia Parker

Multi-talented musical artist Vanilla Bloom is spreading her wings in the music industry with her latest album “Promise”. It contains twelve amazing tracks.

Dreamy soundscapes united with metaphorical lyricism in vanilla flowerthe last project of Promise. It is the first album of this artist which was released on May 13 this year. Currently turning the center of attention, this album offers listeners a captivating musical journey of psychedelic pop music. Groovy, engaging and intoxicating; the album is finely calibrated with a modern pop essence. This latest musical album consists of a total of 12 exquisite singles. Each of the tracks reflects the artist’s creativity and skills, such as “Sour Patch”, “Sleepy Boy”, “Metro Transit Gloria”, and many more.

Colorful and exciting, ‘Promise’ delivers contemporary pop flavors that can envelop listeners around the world. The artist has done a great job in crafting this project and this is reflected in both the musical arrangement and its lyricism. Each of the tracks like “Helicopter, 1997”, “Ticket To Ride”, “Skyflower”, etc. offers distinct different flavors but keeps the original theme of the album intact. There are several moving moments in the tracks which dive through smooth transitions and ensure they can touch the hearts of listeners. vanilla flower can’t wait to release more amazing tracks in the coming days. Follow him on Spotify, Apple Musicand all major music platforms with sound official site and instagram find out more.

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