Universal Music Group opens Kansas door via Real Life Music, LLC led by NoxBond and Trill Will

Trill Bond is long overdue.

Trill Bond at SXSW with MurdaMan and Southside Nino and Friends

Trill Bond at SXSW

Some of the artists from Real Life Music!

Some of the artists from Real Life Music!

The music industry has new avenues for Midwestern artists. There is an official Universal Music Group company and representative in the middle of the map

..really big for Wichita and the whole state of Kansas. What they have done has immediate effects for the City and long-term benefits for the State. This agreement with UMG positions RLM as an anchor point.

— DJ Blayze – Program Director/Radio DJs Next Level

WICHITA, KS, USA, March 18, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Real Life Music, LLC started in Wichita, KS in the early 90’s as a very small independent label with one artist: Noxious.

The direction taken by the company and the plan that was sketched out in the early 90s foreshadowed the plan to come.

Noxious had no outlet, no connection, no industry friend and no leader to follow. He had neither friends nor resources.

The first project “This is Noxious”, was recorded on a 2 tape karaoke machine. The beats were created from a radio shack microphone held up to computer speakers to record midi renditions of popular 90s songs. This tape was later recorded onto another tape, for the project finished.

The quality was terrible. But people who heard it loved it, and Noxious took it as far as it could go.

He established a relationship with Radio by sending him to the PD. He got free studio time when he was heard by a studio. When he arrived at the studio, he met a producer who agreed to produce for him, and the studio owner saw the potential for more. So he asked Noxious to help him open a magazine, “The Hot Sheets”, which needed a graphic designer, so Noxious started working with Dante and opened his first advertising company on the streets of Wichita, KS, doing business to business by getting clients for graphics. and magazine advertisements, then began performing at “The Sky Bar” where he met other artists, and began a cycle of building his network making the best music they could make.

then real life happened and everything was put on the back burner until Noxious became Nox, then later NoxBond and met Trill Will.

Across the country, in Deland, FL Trill Will was setting the stage for something bigger than himself.
He recorded in professional studios, went to events and met the right people. He was touring with Lil Boosie and Webbie, and doing songs with Webbie. He even teamed up with Webbie’s brother, Derrick, and started going through Savage Life and Supa Unit, gathering new information every day he was on the road, being a major part of Supa Unit and Savage Life’s growth. , so much so that his company Full Circle Music Group officially partnered with them over 10 years ago and he became a member of their management team. He surpassed everyone he approached.

When NoxBond and Trill Will met, they combined the drive, determination, and spirit of both budding executives into one massive force.

Real Life Music, LLC opened its doors to outside business with Trill Will as its new COO, and Trill Bond was born.

The Next Level DJ Coalition grew from 30 members to 800 and very quickly became the #1 DJ Coalition on Google. A place he has kept since the beginning of 2020.
Real Life Music, LLC started creating and signing imprints, and it went from 1 to 100 in less than 2 years.

When everything fell into place, the Syndicate was born.

Under the watchful eyes of the music industry, it slowly saturated every angle, every conference call, and every city.

Real Life Music, LLC really impressed.

They just teamed up with Dodge Coin for the Dodgpalooza Music Festival in Sugarland, TX at Constellation Field on April 23rd.

Trill Will is Instagram verified, with that coveted blue check and over half a million followers. GFM Part 1, his world premiere LiveMixtapes.com hosted by Next Level DJ, DJ Star has already racked up over half a million streams and views.

Over the past 6 months, Real Life Music, LLC has generated millions of streams on Spotify.

NoxBond’s latest music video, 33 got 500,000 views on Youtube in 3 months.

The artists at Real Life Music, LLC have been trained to perfect their structure and lyrics, causing an unreal level of consistency on every level.
The latest song released by Jadakiss, currently listed as his most popular song, is a record featuring artist P.Gutter of Real Life Music, LLC. The copyright line says “Real Life Music, LLC”.

They own their own company NFT and have already released an album as NFT, custom produced by Statik Selektah with excellent songwriting by RLM artist P.Gutter.

Real Life Music, LLC has partnerships with Facebook, Tiktok and a list of over 300 companies.

P.Gutter said: “NoxBond and Trill Will are my brothers and associates. I’ve done deals with major record labels before, but this feels different. They are committed to the success of every artist and brand that ‘they sign. You can tell they’re really here for love, not just monetary gain. “Real Life or No Life”, “Next Level Til The Dirt Settle” 💪🏾🏆”

Mr. Everyday said: “…The whole movement reminds me of the early days of def jamming. It’s a privilege to be involved with an organization that embodies the true independent spirit…”

It’s no wonder they signed with Universal Music Group through Zarephath Enterprises and 50/50 Music Group.

Real Life Music, LLC is a massive company with over 100 subsidiaries.

They open doors to both sides of the music industry and provide the guidance, plan and team needed to succeed in the music, entertainment and modeling industries.

To submit music for a record deal, send your music, links and epk to [email protected]

To join our union as a member of the music industry, such as DJ, A&R, Promoter, Website, Magazine, Radio Station, Blog, Record pool or DJ Coalition: complete this application: www.nextleveldjcoalition.com /dj-record

To apply for the model club, send your portfolio and links to [email protected]

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