Unique Wedding Ring Found in Milton, NH Still Unclaimed

If you’ve ever lost or misplaced your wedding ring, you know how awful it is. It’s almost like a part of you is missing! With a loss like that, all kinds of guilt and sadness arise because it’s so much more than a piece of jewelry. I’m sure whoever lost that ring in Milton, New Hampshire, looked for it all over God’s green earth. We hope we can help reunite this ring with its rightful owner.

Kassandra Lee is a wedding photographer here in New Hampshire. (Side note: she’s actually photographing Logan’s wedding in October!) Due to her profession, Kassandra has a big soft spot in her heart for all things wedding. When she found this very unique size 12 wedding ring in the sand on the residential beach behind Pineland Park, she became determined to find out who it belongs to.

Kassandra Lee via Facebook

Kassandra Lee via Facebook

Kassandra Lee via Facebook

Kassandra Lee via Facebook

Kassandra contacted all the surrounding police departments, talked about it on various Facebook groups, she did everything she could think of! It’s been six months since she found the ring and the owner has yet to come forward.

What is happening here? Did the person throw the ring in the sand on purpose after finding out his wife had been having an affair with the pool boy for the past 3 years? I’ve definitely watched too much trashy reality TV. The romantic in me chooses to believe that the owner is still happily married to his husband/wife. They would love to find their long-lost ring!

If you have any leads, please contact me directly at [email protected] Anyone claiming the ring belongs to them will be asked to provide proof with photographic documentation.

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