Twilight’s Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz reunited to play the Cullens again, and now we’re bloodthirsty for more

Looks like another thunderstorm just stopped in Forks, Washington because Alice and Emmett Cullen are back in their uniforms and ready to hit a few home runs. Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz, who played Alice and Emmett Cullen in the dusk saga from 2008 to 2012 through the five films of the vampire saga, put together, and it feels so good to see them again in their character, even briefly.

The actors haven’t aged a day in these photos of themselves back in their dusk outfit for the famous baseball scene. Discover these two characters again:

In all fairness, for a moment I thought it was a throwback pic, but no, it’s Alice and Emmett in 2021 still hiding in the forest in baseball gear. The actors, who played siblings for five years, seemed happier than ever to be reunited and costumed. Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene returned to character for short parody video for Matt Cutshall’s emo is not dead series. Check it out:

In the video, Matt Cutshall transforms into an emo look on the fly when he gets the wrong idea about his girlfriend (played by real partner Arielle Vandenberg) and another man. Cutshall dons a long black wig, thick eyeliner, and a black sweatshirt, and goes completely “emo” before meeting Emmett and Alice somewhere in Forks.

Kellan Lutz’s Cutshall and Emmett participate in a short stunt fight scene before Ashley Greene introduces herself as Alice to assure Emmett that Cutshall isn’t a vampire, just very emo. It’s a fun and fairly random reunion for both of you dusk actors, but it’s great to see them again as the vampires we will always remember. Their mutual co-star, Nikki Reed, who played Rosalie Hale on the show, entered the character in the comments section:

Oh well, I told Emmett I needed some time for myself, so I’m glad he met you for some baseball. I love you guys !

Pure nostalgia right now is through the roof! Sure, dusk was right in the middle of a lot of people’s “emo phase” at the time. The original film included music that was a part of this scene, with Paramore writing two songs just for the movie. It’s a short parody to get the actor back to his character, but it shows that these two can still play those roles; much like their vampire characters, it’s like they haven’t even aged.

Kellan Lutz is married to Brittany Lutz and is raising his first daughter, Ashtyn, who is almost eight months old. Ashley Greene is married to Australian-Lebanese television personality Paul Khoury. The two actors are still finding projects to star in, with Greene having recently worked with Harry potteris Tom Felton on a movie and asks questions about whether Malfoy or Alice would be smarter The other.

Obviously, seeing them together is a reminder of how much we miss Kristen Stewart’s Cullen and Bella Swan. Dawn part 2 may have concluded the franchise, but we hope that one day Stephenie Meyer at least write his planned sequel to his last dusk delivered. Meanwhile, the film Edward Cullen is about to play in The batman, and K-Stew took on Princess Diana for Spencer, in theaters November 5.

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