‘Toy’ among the most popular Eurovision songs, obviously

Netta Barzilai, the Israeli winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, is now officially one of the most popular of all time. Photo by Hadas Parush/Flash90

It’s no secret that Netta Barzilai’s hit song “Toy” is one of the best songs to ever grace the Eurovision Song Contest.

After all, he won first place in 2018 and brought the fabulous competition to Israel the following year.

But now it’s also officially one of the most popular Eurovision songs of all time, according to a recent study.

UK-based price comparison service Uswitch recently released the results of a study that analyzed global YouTube views for each Eurovision entry to assess the most popular. He found that “Toy” came in a remarkable seventh place, after garnering 46.6 million views.

The first place was taken by Norwegian Alexander Rybak’s 2009 “Fairytale”, which garnered 108.2 million views. Austria’s memorable 2014 entry Conchita Wurst’s “Rise Like a Phoenix” came in the 10and spot with 40.3 million views.

As for ABBA’s legendary 1974 entry, “Waterloo,” the study also looked at Spotify’s most streamed entries of all time and found that it came in at number four with 172.1 million. listening. First place went to Dutchman Duncan Laurence, with his 2019 hit “Arcade” and its 685.6 million plays.

Israel’s three previous Eurovision wins, Izhar Cohen and Alphabeteta’s “A-Ba-Ni-Bi” (1978), Milk and Honey’s “Hallelujah” (1979) and Dana International’s “Diva” (1998 ) are notably absent from the estimated list.

Israel’s entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, which is due to take place in mid-May in Turin, Italy, is Michael Ben-David’s “MI”. However, there was reportedly speculation about Ben-David’s attendance at the event due to a strike at the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Fingers crossed here.

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