This dam in Epping in New Hampshire was destroyed almost 10 years ago

Who knew? I certainly didn’t

Well you think you know where you live and then all of a sudden you find out there is a place just off the busy road 27 in Epping that you pass every day was once a very mill busy and people from all over would pick up their dancing shoes.

It is a beautiful place

Mary E. Folsum Blair Community Park is just off Route 27 in Epping, approximately 1 mile from Center of the Universe, a / k / a, Center of Epping, the Church, and Epping House of Pizza , (Go chicken fingers!) Direction Raymond on the right. There is also a ball field there! However, it didn’t look like the ball field was being used much.

What you will see here are photos of the historic Folsom Dam (Bunker Pond). The body of water is the Lamprey River. This damn dam was known as the Bunker Pond Dam. (Sorry – I feel compelled to say “Damn damn…” Hope you’re not offended.)

This area was once a working mill. The damn dam provided water to spin a huge wheel, which supplied the energy used in the mill. Engineering before our modern era was no less brilliant than what we are experiencing now. I understand it just as little, either then or today.

More history of the town of Epping:

This property, which had been planned for development, was turned over to the city in lieu of tax payments. It consists of approximately 22 acres with a waterfront portion and borders the state’s recreational trail system …… John B. Folsom was one of the founding fathers of Epping who once owned this land with a large part of West Epping.

Because this damn dam needed maintenance every now and then and there were people involved in the conservation of the whole area, it was decided to destroy the damn dam in October 2011, almost 10 years ago. !

It is a very peaceful place! Signs all around the trail said people came from all over to buy fancy dance shoes. And when I say everywhere, I mean, people from Chester! (Hey, they were traveling on horseback and buggy back then. Going from Chester to Epping was a TRAVERS)

This photo shows how grown everything is now, but if you listen very carefully, you might here a young lady exclaim, “Oh! Turn me on the dance floor with this! They are sure to raze her. berries! “

Or, you can sit back and enjoy the sounds of the Lamprey River.

There are signs all over the property which is not that big, by the way. You will not take all your steps on this trail. It’s only a little over 1/2 mile.

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