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It certainly doesn’t make sense to discourage Queen fans from reveling in the myriad virtues of their favorite bohemian bourgeois band, but “Do you know that those who like that love sparks?”

Documentary about Edgar Wright Spark Brothers Images found and lively traffic that fill the interview, but it’s a great celebration of brotherhood. For 60 years, the duo brothers Ron and Russell Mael behind American pop art group Sparks have sidelined countless famous groups and left them in the trash of history.

Interviewed side by side, they became gentlemen in their later years. Russell was a fascinating singer with a sturdy falsetto mane and wavy hair. “Sweet pie,” says Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols. His brother, keyboardist and composer, Ron Mael, was well known for his historically ambiguous mustache. Her frequent stage outfits were Jean-Paul Belmondo’s fedora hat and muscle shirt. Breathless. At the concert, Ron showed a skillful deadpan, sometimes a half-smile and sometimes a stifling look of horror.

These two White Maels didn’t assure the audience that they were world champions or promise that they would rock you. Instead, in the 1974 hit “This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Us Two” they were The Harshness of the Comics, The Gunslingers, Khaki Bombers in the Great War and Weaved the Lover’s Phantasm. from the Walter Mitty Jungle. “This is your moment with her” is just one of their hundreds of deadly Duffy lines.

During the heyday of the mid-1970s, Sparks continued to use new songs and rockers. It’s a long-remembered treat to look at the glossy album cover art that was every weirdo’s house accessory. Smoking geisha Kimono my home. Or, Maels is gagged, gagged, and ready for a watery grave. Promotion (Both since 1974). In the years 1975 Modest, The brothers appear to have survived a horrific little plane crash and unscathed on a pretty suburban street. They seemed to have fallen from the sky, two of them.

They have a fan list, and Wright (Shaun of the Dead) It seems that I put them all in front of the microphone. Among the dozens are the bizarre Alyankovic, Duran Duran, Patton Oswalt, Mike Myers and comedian April Richardson.

Richardson says that all rock music is made up of two songs. And second, “Don’t close my party,” she said, you get the topic of Spark. The lyrics range from hilarious to mysterious. Neil Gaiman admits here that he can be confused and dirty with his childhood “Under the Table With Her”. Why, that is, a pair of puppies speaks a song. It could be more innocent. However, the short musical series “Mésanges” has a subject which is explained as easily as the universal interest.

With such a horde of interviewees, I couldn’t hear the name of anyone who suggested that the constant subject matter of Sparks’ 25 albums and 300 lyrics was inadequate for over half a century. Sounds okay, and Sparks has some genius focus as well – with Lil Einstein in “Talent Is A Asset”. Lilbethoven (2002).

The strangeness of the music they seek has lasted for decades and centuries. In the 1960s, when Sparks was known as The Urban Renewal Project, there was a percussion of cracked brass lampshades, and more recently, hundreds of choirs worthy of “Carmina Burana”. Sometimes they use the kind of soft chimes reserved for Christmas carols. Oddly enough, it can also be political. “Let the Monkey Drive” (2008) claims to try to make a chimpanzee a driver, but some have felt a satirical song about George W. Bush.

Eclectic and vivacious, they have been accused of tearing up the groups concerned. A small squint reveals that they paved the way for Kraftwerk. The brothers’ first recording was a song called “Computer Girl” in 1967. Some of the constant changes in fashion include collaborating with Everyone Under the Sun of Jane Wiedlin. Go-Gos to Franz Ferdinand – The Franz Ferdinand / Sparks “FFS” couple were born after a chance meeting on the sidewalk in San Francisco.

Spark was exceptionally good at improving the sound of nightclubs. Their 1976 Big rhythm, “Number One Song in Heaven” was a success with a first hit of 180 beats per minute produced by Giorgio Moroder. Even this stern anti-disco snob was to be admired, as was the “sweetness of life” that honored Fellini. In many cases, their tempo was common rock, march, string quartet, and waltz. It could also be an operetta night. “Hospitality on Parade” is a song that may have escaped the musical Nelson Eddy / Jeanette MacDonald.

One interviewee is surprised that a recent song by Sparks sounds like “Alpen Glockenspiel”. But it goes a long way. Maels seems to like Germanic folk music. Russell’s voice seems almost ready to turn into a yodeling. 30 second title track Promotion Looks like a cuckoo clock.

Londoners are always surprised to learn that Mael is a seaside town in Southern California. The proximity to Hollywood had a big impact on the brothers. Life in this fantastic treasure was made easier by the loss of real life. Their father died before one of them reached puberty.

At UCLA, Ron and Russell were film and theater students playing music together. The first girl group “Miss Christine” GTO has linked Maels and Todd Rundgren. “The Runt” was a magical producer and one of the only men in America who would have understood Maels’ music, and he signed them to his label, Bearsville. Even under their new band name, Sparks hasn’t stopped in California – there’s a bad night story at the book bar with an audience of angry lumberjacks. The group therefore made a reverse British invasion.

Sparks made the British press talk a little: Ron’s toothbrush mustache, notably worn in honor of Charlie Chaplin. (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost do an animated voice clip based on Ringo and John Lennon’s anecdote: “Mark Bolan is on TV singing with Hitler!”).

Historians believe that Hitler Stash crossed the Atlantic Ocean from the United States and enlarged it in Europe. In the heyday of the 1920s, its stash of abbreviations showed an aerodynamic modernism compared to the noisy wax, bushy, or handlebar-shaped mustaches that appeared earlier. In the song, Russell describes his brother’s menacing hairs as follows:

The brothers’ privacy is protected by a firewall (although Weedlin discovered that she and Russell easily escaped). Asked about her sexual orientation, Ron says she is “a little horny”. Drugs other than coffee don’t seem to be part of Sparks’ equation. Russell is the quarterback for his high school football team and his athletic abilities are extended. Considering the incredible feat of patience of 2008 when Ron was 63, the duo must have supernatural energies: 21 per piece over 21 consecutive London nights. Play a series of Sparks albums. Sparks was especially happy as they weathered bad times in the 1990s and went unlabeled for years during that time. Technology has caught up with them so they can create their own records, orchestrate them on synthesizers, and basically do final edits.

As a director, Wright’s career is full of proud geeks, and Spark Brothers I have a fanboy soul. It’s not clear if the film will convince someone who doesn’t care about their music. Some groups, you won’t understand why they weren’t. the weltentists, The killer of the world. At the very least, listening to Sparks in his most eccentric state will tell you why someone is running out of room.

It’s strange that the movie was never really crazy about them. One of their worst breaks was the inability to work with Jacques Tati even after the collaboration was announced at a press conference. (The soulful pantomimist would have been perfect for Maels.) Following the release of a joyful and devoted love letter to Wright’s band, Maels released a new movie. Maels wrote and scored Leos Carax’s new original film Annette, With Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard.. It’s great to see a group that loves this movie in the world they belong to.

I currently play at AMC Kabuki 8 in San Francisco.

“The Sparks Brothers” – SF Weekly “The Sparks Brothers” – SF Weekly

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