The short stop-motion SPIDER-MAN recreates the emo dance

Like so many creatives on 2D YouTube and stop-motion animator Lawrence Becker is seriously inspired by Marvel. Particularly Spider Man it looks like the artist created several stop-motion – masterful – Spidey shorts doing all kinds of Spidey stuff. In Becker’s most recent Spider Man In short, the artist gives us a taste of Peter Parker who flies in a home studio and then puts on a dance show. Is this the exact dance that Tobey Maguire does in Sam Raimi Spider-Man 3? Of course yes !

It’s so good it deserves a Webby. (Sorry.)

Geeks are sexy found this short gem, which Becker posted on his eponymous channel. Previously, Becker posted much of his stop-motion work on the ‘Tube, though his Spidey shorts have definitely taken to the web and ripped off the cake. Even from this stop-motion Iron Man in short, which really means something.

A stop-motion Spider-Man clapping his hands in front of a pile of Marvel movie posters.

Laurent Becker

In this 20-second short, Becker has a Spider-Man figure that begins his acrobatic dance by flying and pulling the web to a table showcasing what appear to be various Marvel DVD box sets and inserts. As well as a cloudy blue background and a New York water tower. If you look closely enough, there are also miniature versions of Ant-Man and the Wasp in front of the tower.

As with all the other stop-motion animations, this one took a lot of time and tedious work. Like other stop-motion animators, Becker lamented the painstaking process of photographing and reconfiguring objects. Himself somewhat magical, like Becker’s video below BTS from another Spider Man short shows.

Slinging and swinging into the future, all we know is that Becker asks this question under his new video: Will this scene be in? No way home? And while our guess is Certainly not, anything is possible with the post-generic scenes. More Netflix has previously retweeted Becker’s work give more credibility to its genius. Maybe we could even expect full episodes of Becker in 2075.

Featured Image: Lawrence Becker

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