The FREEZE tracklist; title song ft. Seori has an interesting connection to RM from BTS

4th generation K-pop ‘It’ boys TOMORROW X TOGETHER have finally dropped the official tracklist for their upcoming second studio album, ‘The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE’.

Taking to their official social media grip, the boy-band unveiled the tracklist which features eight tracks, including the title track ‘0X1 = LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. Seori ‘as well as’ Anti-Romantic’, ‘Magic’, ‘Ice Cream’, ‘What if I had been that PUMA’, ‘No Rules’,’ Dear Sputnik ‘and’ Frost ‘»

The band’s title song is the unequivocal declaration of a boy’s first love. The song expresses a boy’s certainty in the love he feels for the fans and listeners who have come to them in a world of chaos. The title uses numbers to visually represent that in this world of zero (0), “you” are my one (1) and only.

The title song also has an interesting connection to K-Pop Kings, BTS. It was reported that BTS band leader RM co-wrote the song with Melaine Joy Fontana, the hitman “bang” and others.

Much like other K-Pop groups like BTS and BLACKPINK, it was also revealed that TXT will be dropping an English track as well. “Magic” will be TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s first English song, dedicated to fans, whose magic thaws the ice that has held them back.

The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE features an impressive roster of global producers from a wide range of musical styles. “0X1 = LOVESONG (I know I love you) feat. Seori ”is the collaborative effort between the producers of the HYBE Slow Rabbit and“ hitman ”bang labels, American singer-songwriter and hip hop rock artist Mod Sun and No Love For The Middle Child as songwriters, and RM from BTS who helped write the lyrics.

Additionally, “Anti-Romantic” sees the involvement of producer and songwriter Alex Hope as well as artist Salem Ilese, while “Frost” involves London artist Ashnikko.

The five members of TOMORROW X TOGETHER were also actively involved in the album creation process, marking a new stage of musical growth for the group. Membership contributions include SOOBIN for “Ice Cream”; YEONJUN, TAEHYUN and BEOMGYU for “What if I had been that PUMA”; YEONJUN, HUENINGKAI, BEOMGYU and TAEHYUN for “No Rules”; TAEHYUN and HUENINGKAI for “Dear Sputnik” in which the latter lists his first producer credit since his debut; and YEONJUN for “Frost”.

‘The Dream Chapter: FREEZE’ has already recorded over 670K pre-orders and will unveil its album preview video on May 26. The album is scheduled for release on May 31.

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