SunLive – Sex Toy Sales Rise Due To COVID-19

New Zealand online sex toy retailer reports an increase in lubricants, vibrators and batteries in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The World Health Organization officially declared COVID-19 a pandemic at a press conference in Geneva on March 12. Adulttoymegastore reported increased sales following the announcement..

Adulttoymegastore owner and operator Nicola Relph says the peak can only be attributed to COVID-19.

“We hear from our customers that they are stockpiling batteries and lubrication in case they get stuck inside due to self-isolation,” Nicola said.

“Our customers have told us that they avoid the crowds and want something to do while they are stuck at home. They are also not on Tinder or not having a date because ‘they are worried about COVID-19. “

Nicola says orgasms relax the body, which can translate into a better night’s sleep.

“It has long been known that orgasms help you relax your body and calm your mind, which means better sleep, which means more time for your body to rest.

“Rest is crucial to maintaining a functioning immune system. And when you reach climax, your body receives that surge of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin – all of those feel-good hormones.”

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