South Park gave Cartman a scary new father and son

Season 25 of South Park dramatically changed Cartman’s family life, reflecting the selfish monster he’s become over the years in the snowy town.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for South Park Season 25, Episode 5, “Help, My Teenager Hates Me!” available now on Comedy Central.

At South Park, Eric Cartman is known for not having a father and being a spoiled child with his mother, Liane. Cartman never really cared about it, as all he wanted was to shape the world to his liking, even if it came at his mother’s expense.

Still, the show solved the mystery of his father, but as usual there was a dark twist with Cartman inadvertently killing the man. Ironically, Season 25 just dissected another family angle with Cartman by giving him a new father. However, it upset fans by also giving the child his own son – someone so scary it left Cartman feeling ashamed and disgusted.

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Cartman has a new son and a new father in South Park

The show teased once Liane had impregnated herself, only to later confirm it was Jack Tenorman. Ironically, Cartman had Jack and his wife killed and fed their son, Scott, just so Cartman could have the ultimate laugh. Since then, he’s pursued his sinister and often racist plans, but this COVID-19-scarred season puts him in a more thoughtful place.

He ran a real estate racket to ensure Liane remained unemployed, which ultimately landed them in a hot dog shack for a house. He never wanted to be poor, especially after tearing Kenny up so much, but that’s his fate now, which is why he was looking forward to relaxing playing Airsoft with the guys.

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They paired up with older teens, who then started hanging out with Stan, Kyle, and Kenny. Eventually, they had to keep them, with Cartman taking his teenager to the mall to buy hair products and other teenage stuff. It was karma because his teenager was beyond rude, emo, annoying and stressful, mirroring the way Cartman treated others. This resulted in the boys taking on their teenagers in Airsoft to claim territory, but they were short. Luckily, the boys’ fathers came forward to support them. They wanted to bond with their kids, while having the chance to go wild with the guns and soft pellets. Jimbo (Stan’s uncle) ended up being Cartman’s temporary dad, which worked out well because they’ve always had a good relationship in the snowy town of Colorado.

Cartman has a new son and a new father in South Park

The Vietnam War vet and firearms enthusiast was one of many to have slept with Liane in the past. Nevertheless, Jimbo and Cartman cooperated well, shooting the enemies, allowing Jimbo to clear the way for Cartman to take down his “son”.

Cartman’s teenager was a chronic masturbator, which angered Cartman because not only was he unsanitary, but he took bathroom breaks at the most inopportune times. Cartman kicked the bathroom door open, grabbed the teen in the act, and shot him with his pants down, berating the teen to reaffirm their relationship was over. It filled him with pride, and as he took everyone home to eat hot dogs, Cartman cried how happy and fulfilled he finally felt. It left fans wondering if he would spend more time with Jimbo and, having experienced parenthood himself, be nicer to Liane.

To see how Cartman’s family dynamic evolves, watch South Park Season 25 every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central.

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