Sonic 3 gets a release date, unleashing my Emo Hedgehog as a Christmas treat

I’m going to run so fast to the cinema to see sonic the hedgehog 3 that Sonic himself will see me and pass out because of how fast I was going.

The first one Sonic film? Fantastic. The second Sonic film? Unbelievable. The THIRD Sonic film?! I believe in my heart that with the power of our favorite little emo boy Shadow, this will be a masterpiece. This is, of course, all my personal opinion. However, my subjective opinion on the Sonic it also happens to be very objectively correct.

The last time we heard of the third Sonic movie was very shortly before the release of sonic the hedgehog 2 in cinemas. Does anyone else think it was weird that Australia got second Sonic film before the United States does? Or is it just me? Not important, just something odd to think about.

Anyway, Paramount confirmed in February that the third Sonic was in production, as well as a standalone Knuckles TV series with Idris Elba returning to voice him. And then… nothing else. Makes sense. What else are you supposed to bring back from there?

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 release date, baby!

Announced today on the official Sonic movie Twitter account, the third sonic the hedgehog The film will be released in theaters on December 20, 2024.

Of course, it’s a bit long to wait. Just over two years until sonic the hedgehog 3. However, this seems to be a trend now that we will have a new sonic the hedgehog movie every two years. The first in 2020, the second in 2022, and now the third in 2024.

And if we continue with the pattern, the third movie will hopefully go even harder than the last. sonic the hedgehog was a good start, and I felt Sonic 2 really built on what they established in the first movie and made it look more like a Sonic story than before.

Although we already know that Shadow the Hedgehog will zoom in on the third movie, I personally hope they say, “Fuck it!” and add Amy as well. Maybe even Big the Cat. I like the big cat.

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