Singaporean emo band Xingfoo&Roy share three new tracks in “So, What Now?” Musical clip

Singaporean emo band Xingfoo&Roy have put together three new songs in a single music video titled “So, What Now?”.

Directed by Dan Visuals and co-directed by costars Daniel Chan and Jerome Chong, the short film, running just under 10 minutes, was shared on the trio’s YouTube channel on Friday, February 11. It contains the new tracks “BUYING SOME GOOD WILL” with Alif Zaini from Terrible People, “SOME ABOUT TRAINS” and “IT’S BETTER THAN BEING BLUE”.

The visual is filled with playful antics, starting with Xingfoo & Roy rocking out on the first track and playing retro video games in a studio living room, before Alif makes an appearance to perform alongside the band.

The second and third parts of the video see the group attending an uneventful house party that takes place before the group cruises around Singapore.

Watch the music video below.

Everything / everyone has something to say to me / to distract themselves from their moral ambivalence / you’re not tired of your fucking shitChan sings in the opening lines of the first track.

In his closing refrain, Alif asks:Why do you have to be so cynical?“, while Chan responds with the line”It’s the part of me that keeps me holy“.

Chan said Hear65 that the video was the collection of random thoughts: “Three of us literally sat in a room and thought about the dumbest, most random scenarios, like the whole first part was just giving us shit at the chance in a house”.

“The second part is about the social obligations of going to a party you don’t want. And the third part is a fake roadtrip MV because roadtrip MVs are cool I guess.

Chan also noted that the new songs and music video are coming ahead of a full album due out later this year.

The upcoming album follows their 2018 EP “Late to The Party” and their 2016 debut album, “10 Dating Tips for the Spineless Youth Addicted to Pornography.”

Formed in 2014, the group has toured 12 cities across Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia. Xingfoo & Roy said they were influenced by early 2000s post-rock and 2010s emo revival, citing bands such as Modern Baseball, Into It. Over It., and Tiny Moving Parts as their main influences.

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