PULSE Music Group Forms Publishing Joint Venture With Grammy-Winning Songwriter Starrah

PULSE Music Group has signed a publishing joint venture with PULSE Music Group’s client, Starrah.

Through the deal, Starrah is named CEO of her own publishing company, 3:02 Music Group, a joint venture between singer/songwriter/rapper, PULSE Music Group and Starrah’s manager, Nick Jarjour, which was named co-founder. in 3:02 Music Group.

Starrah will sign and grow her own roster of artists, writers and producers, says PULSE.

Starrah also renewed her global co-publishing deal with PULSE Music Group.

The deal with Starrah marks PULSE Music Group’s latest joint venture with notable industry figures.

PULSE has joint ventures in place with Luke and Beth Laird’s Creative Nation; the American recordings of Rick Rubin; Beka Tishner’s Wide Eyed Entertainment; and BEAT HOUSE, in partnership with Tiffany Kumar (former Head of Music at Spotify).

The company also signed a creative joint venture with producer Mike Dean in November 2020 and signed a global publishing deal with R&B artist Kehlani in February 2020.

Songwriter, producer and award-winning artist, Starrah recently co-produced Billboard’s #1 rap album, Kodak Black’s back for everythingand wrote/produced the number 1 urban radio Wild side by Normani (with Cardi B).

In 2018, Starrah was named Pop Songwriter of the Year by ASCAP, the first woman in 16 years to receive the award.

Starrah’s Hit Catalog Includes Camila Cabello’s #1 Songs Havana (with Young Thug); Brown 5 girls like you (with Cardi B); and Megan Thee’s stallion wild remix (with Beyoncé), which won Starrah the Grammy for Best Rap Song of 2021.

Other Top 20 singles from Starrah’s catalog include Rihanna I needed myself; by Drake fake love; Halsey’s Now or never; Kevin Gates’ 2 phones; Nicki Minaj, Drake and Lil Wayne No frauds and Calvin Harris’ Feels (with Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry and Big Sean).

When launched, the 3:02 Music Group roster includes a team of writers involved in Normani’s Wild side (feat. Cardi B), co-written by Starrah, Jonah Christian, KC, and 3:02 Music Group writers June Nawakii and Taylor Ross.

“It was time for someone like Starrah.”

Scott Cutler, music group PULSE

Scott Cutler, Co-CEO of PULSE Music Group, said, “It was about time for someone like Starrah.

“There are so many reasons why it was important – she’s one of the most talented songwriters on the planet, there’s no doubt about it. She’s also an LGBTQ+ black woman who knows what it takes to create an inclusive and diverse environment for music creators.

“When Josh Abraham and I first founded PULSE Music Group, we set out to create a premier creative sanctuary for music creators, led by music creators and our company philosophy has always been to create an inclusive and diverse creative haven.

“Starrah is the next voice in this chapter. This industry has yet to have a woman of Starrah’s purpose and experience running the show at her own publishing company and we knew we wanted that to happen at PULSE Music Group.

“I called Starrah one day and told her exactly what we wanted to do.

“I offered to use our PULSE offices and our recording studios in Burbank as a location to start her own publishing company which she would run.

“The moment we hung up, we knew each other we had a deal. Starrah knew what she wanted, she has incredible instincts, she knew we were behind her 100% and our visions were perfectly aligned.

“Now she is CEO of 3:02 Music Group and will bring the next generation of talented hitmakers to an inclusive and diverse environment in partnership with PULSE.”

“we were completely late [starrah’s] vision from day one.

Ashley Calhoun, music group PULSE

Ashley Calhoun, SVP/Head of Creative, PULSE Music Group, added, “I signed Starrah to the company my first week with PULSE Music Group and we have fully supported her vision from day one.

“Six years later, her name is behind the biggest songs, topping the charts, winning the industry’s most prestigious awards, and she’s become the CEO of her own publishing company.

“Giving the important voices in music a chance to be heard and believed in our customers from day one as they shape their careers is part of our creative approach and culture here at PULSE – Starrah is a great one. example.”

“3:02 is the destination for talent who wants to be around a culture of respect and positivity.”

Nick Jarjour

Nick Jarjour said, “PULSE Music Group has always created an environment of unlimited creative freedom for Starrah and has continued that spirit with this new partnership for 3:02.

“Scott, Josh and Ashley have built a creative powerhouse at PULSE and are now handing over to Starrah as the next generation of editors with this new venture.

“3:02 is the destination for talent who wants to be around a culture of respect and positivity.

“We feel incredibly empowered and have already teeed off for the roster with cuts from Normani featuring Cardi B, Kodak Black and more!”

“PULSE Music Group was the first publisher that made me feel like they really understood my vision when I walked into the room.”


Starrah said, “PULSE Music Group was the first editor that made me feel like they really understood my vision when I walked into the room.

“Since I’ve been with them, they’ve been supportive every step of the way.

“I know I can always walk into the office or make a phone call and have someone to help me achieve the goals I want to achieve or overcome any obstacles I encounter.

“Being with PULSE is like being with family. They are my extended family.

In 2020, Concord bought a majority stake in PULSE in a deal worth over $100 million.The music industry around the world

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