PREMIERE: WAXFLOWER // Get nostalgic with “The Drama Scene” music video

Emo/indie lovers wax flower embraced their inner main character with the official music video for their latest track, The dramatic scene.

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The clip pays homage to early 2000s cinema and sees singer Tristan Higginson at a college-style party, detached from everyone in the room. It was directed by the band’s guitarist Nick Hargans, who says, “I’ve seen a lot of horror and college-style films from the late 90s and early 2000s, and I didn’t really specific idea for The dramatic scene video, so I wanted it to look like a scene from one of those movies. The video starts with Tristan at this party, and everyone acts like he’s not there, then ends with them partying with him… a reference to the drama of life and the name of the song.

Guitarist Giles Higgingson adds, “We wanted to go for something light and fun to pair with the song.”

The dramatic scene follows on from To soak and Ring. All titles will appear on their second EP, The sound of what went wrong, out Friday, April 29 via Rude Records. They will also be joined by two brand new numbers, two thumbs and misaligned lovewhich features Sydney Sprague, member of the American Muso / Rude Records family.

“The last few years have left us with more time in our heads than we would have liked. Self-doubt, self-hatred, missed connections, crutches, drugs. All the fun stuff is here, wrapped up in songs that capture both the poppiest and heaviest sides of Waxflower to date. Hopefully people can find something to relate to throughout its run,” Higginson says on the EP.

Waxflower is currently touring the East Coast with Eyes Trophy.

You can pick up tickets for all remaining dates here.

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