Poster Kidd’s ‘Watch Me Fall’ is a gripping album featuring melodious tracks woven into well-narrated lines

The rising star Kidd poster east of the city of Hartford Indiana. He mainly follows Pop, Punk, Trap and Emo Rap in his musical work. His latest album released “Watch me fall” contains four songs which are “White cocaine”, “Dead for some time”, “Out of the hinge”, “Dancing in the cemetery”. All are very well narrated by this talented young singer. The potential he shows at his age is very inspiring. From his words to his symphony, he exceeded all the criteria of a great musician.

Since his beginnings, he is very fond of music and has always wanted to pursue this musical career. And now his promising scores reflect his brilliant and huge image in the music industry. “Watch me fall” is an album where the story is about a drug addict who comes true and who has no other means than to face the bitter truths of life, that his days are numbered. Kidd delivers these lines with such conviction that the songs have become more addicting. The veracity of her voice is also very appealing. In each of these songs, he put all his heart to complete them, thus fulfilling the purpose of making music.

Zane Stone widely known as Kidd poster has always had a range of emotional support in his life to pursue this career and achieve the goal he wanted to have. But ultimately, he has a powerful desire to make music that has his heart and soul. While he delivers songs that are well composed and well told with the greatest brilliance, it is a privilege as a listener to witness his works. And it will be great to hear from this great artist in the future as well. Previously he delivered beautiful songs like, ‘I’m fine, you too’, ‘The night before’, ‘Bury me’, ‘Red point’. Follow this artist on SoundCloud and Instagram.

Just go for this ‘Watch me fall’ track from Poster Kidd:

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