Paige leaves WWE and she plans to wrestle again

Paige announced that she would be ending with WWE on July 7. Although she was not cleared by the company due to her neck problems, she remained under contract with the company.

Statement from Paige:

“Paige here!”

July 7 will be the last day with WWE. I am very grateful and appreciate the opportunities the company has given me.

I will always appreciate the company that took in an 18 year old British pale emo girl who didn’t look like your average diva, giving me the chance of a lifetime and making me feel like a superstar. I know after my neck injury took me out of ring status it was pretty hard to keep me around for as long as you did and for that I’m grateful as well.

Thank you WWE Universe. You are the most passionate group of fans I have ever seen. I hope you will continue to live this journey with me.
I think the hardest part is oddly enough having to drop Paige’s name! But Saraya is a hell of a name. Kudos to my mom for this one.
For your information, I am not saying that I will never be in the ring. This day will definitely come again! Wherever the return may be.

Thanks WWE,

AO.. All,”

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