Oh My Girl becomes the first K-pop girl group in history to achieve this feat in the MelOn Daily Ranking Top 100

With their two smash hits, Oh My Girl reached an extraordinary stage in the MelOn Daily Chart Top 100, making them the first K-pop girl group in history to do so. Do you want to know what it is? So, read on!

MelOn is South Korea’s largest music platform and is widely used by audiences, with over 28 million users. While other music rankings in Korea are based on streams, MelOn focuses on the number of unique listeners.

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Therefore, for the MelOn Daily Chart, songs are ranked based on the unique listeners identified within 24 hours. Since it’s based on unique listeners, not streams, it’s hard for K-pop songs to rank as not all Koreans would listen to them.

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Considering that, it would be a great achievement for K-pop artists if their songs ranked more than once on the MelOn charts. It would only mean that their releases continue to attract unique listeners even after days and months of release.

Oh My Girl becomes the first K-pop girl group in history to spend so much time in the MelOn Daily Top 100 Top 100

On the MelOn Daily Chart Top 100 as of June 7, Oh My Girl has three entries. The group’s new song “Dun Dun Dance” came in third, becoming their highest ranked song that day.

“Dun Dun Dance” also recently became the first song by a girl group in 2021 to exceed 100,000 likes on MelOn. Additionally, the track has already reached 20 million streams on the platform, the first girl group song released this year to hit that mark.

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Oh my girl

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Oh My Girl’s songs “Dolphin” and “Nonstop” in 2020 won numbers 34 and 54 respectively. These tracks are included in the group’s seventh mini album “Nonstop”, which was released on April 27 from the last year.

That day, Oh My Girl’s “Dolphin” garnered an additional 2,226 unique listeners, racking up a total of 152,397 unique listeners as of June 7th.

Meanwhile, “Nonstop” gained an additional 5,126 unique listeners on June 7th. It now has a total of 125,495 unique listeners to date.

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That day, “Dolphin” marked his 401st consecutive day in the MelOn Daily Chart Top 100, while “Nonsstop” successfully passed 407 consecutive days.

With it, Oh My Girl’s “Dolphin” became the first B-side track from an idol group to spend 400 days in the MelOn Daily Chart Top 100.

Additionally, Oh My Girl became the first K-pop girl group in history with two songs that spent over 400 days or over a year in the MelOn Daily Chart Top 100.

Oh my girl

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It just shows how Oh My Girl’s “Nonstop” and “Dolphin” have remained popular among Koreans despite their release over a year ago.

Last year, “Nonstop” became the first girl group song in 2020 to spend a total of 11 weeks in the MelOn Weekly Chart Top 10. The track even became the longest-running girl group song of 2020 at stay # 1 on MelOn (over 41 hours).

Check out the music video for Oh My Girl’s “Nonstop” below to celebrate!

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