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Kerry Dockter, I-BAND President, Denhoff

I would like to react to a situation that occurred on January 24, 2022.

I-BAND and DRC representatives were invited as guests on the Joel Heitkamp radio show. We intended to talk about an important bill, the American Beef Labeling Act and why farmers and consumers should support it.

Before we can get to the invoice and country of origin labeling, Joel asked for more information about I-BAND’s North Dakota Beef to School program. I shared with him the success of our program. The schools were satisfied and clearly preferred the ND beef over the base beef used previously.

Shortly after, Joel spoke to a caller who had many questions and concerns regarding statements I had made about the ND Beef to School program. I quickly recognized the appellant as a former director of the ND Stockmen’s Association, former president of the NDSA, former director of the ND Beef Commission and former member of the NCBA Board of Directors.

What bothers me is that he made claims that ND Beef can’t be better than basic beef because no “Data” bear it! What I mean is that ND Beef is produced in our state, born, raised and processed here. Basic beef has the USDA stamp on it, but not where it came from or whether it was imported or produced domestically. This person identified himself as a breeder. If he’s not proud enough of his product to be sure it won’t be superior to unidentified beef in the commodity program, that totally amazes me.

If he thought that when he led as a past president and board member of other cattle organizations, he didn’t represent the majority of ranchers in North Dakota well. Is this the attitude and the direction that the NDSA is taking? I hope not.

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