Most Popular VST Synth Plugins Among Techno Music Producers

Most Popular VST Synth Plugins Among Techno Music Producers

Analog drum machines and synthesizers such as the Roland TR-909 and Behringer TD-3 are commonly used in the techno scene. The integrated circuit adds harmonic distortion, pitch fluctuations and noise to the sound source, resulting in a vintage sound that we are all used to. Modern plugins are getting closer and closer to the identical sounds of analog gear. There are so many VST plugins and each of them has its own unique quality. As a future producer, you always wonder which plugins the professionals use. Recently we spoke to 70+ artists from different spectrums of the music industry and have compiled their best plugins and gear into a single document. For the purposes of this article, we’ve selected all the popular plugins used by Techno music producers from the Essential: Plugins & Gear catalog.

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Most Popular VST Synth Plugins Among Techno Music Producers


“Spirit of Analog” is what the development company calls its Diva plugin. Its main components such as oscillators, filters and envelopes are modeled after a total of 5 decades of analog synthesizers in order to capture the best possible analog sound. What Diva stands for: 5 oscillators, 5 filters, 3 ADSR envelopes, 2 effect slots (including chorus, phaser, reverb, delay and rotary speaker), arpeggiator, 2 LFOs and much more. Artists like Agents of Time, Coeus, Fideles, Hannes Bieger Eelke Kleijn are big fans of this plugin and use it in their music productions. Agents of Time also quoted “Diva is an amazing plug-in with which you can do almost anything in a great way“.

2. Omnisphere

This flagship synthesizer from Spectatronics has been a common plugin within the Techno music scene, used by artists such as Fideles, NTO, Tinlicker, Eelke Kleijn and many more. Choose from over 14,000 custom presets, categorized by ARPS, bells, distortion, electro percs, guitar, hits & bits, human vocals, noisescapes, guitars and more. Over 65 well-known hardware synthesizers will work as handy controllers thanks to the hardware synthesizer integration feature. Get your hands on 58 built-in effect units to shape the original sound just the way you want it. Omnisphere is an absolute beast of a synthesizer and remains relevant no matter what genre of music you make. The only issue with Omnisphere is the size of this plugin and it’s not something you’d want to run if you’re working on a low-config laptop/PC/Mac.

3. Battery

Native Instruments Battery is a digital drum sampling plugin where you can store your own samples or choose from many samples included by NI. Improve your workflow and sound design because you can control every inch of the sample. Get full control over volume envelope, pitch envelope, velocity, filter, compressor, saturation, multiple LFOs, loop mute, busses, limiter, reverb and delay. Drag and drop your entire catalog of drum samples into Battery and assign them different colors for instant recognition. Plug the battery into your favorite keyboard or gamepad and get ready to push your limits. OXIA is a big fan of this plugin and quoted “It’s very easy to drag samples and create kits, and very easy to edit, change key, envelope”

4. Sylenth1

This 4 oscillator based VSTi plugin has been a go-to tool in the music industry. Lennar Digital created Sylenth1 especially for producers and it’s been an iconic synth since day one. Its layout can be divided into several sections: oscillator section, filter section (including 2 pure analog filters), modulation section and main FX section (including 7 FX). There are many achievements whose iconic elements were created using Sylenth1. Agents of Time, Miss Monique, Sultan+Shepard and many more use Sylenth1 extensively in their productions. While mentioning their favorite piece of plugins and gear, Sultan + Shepard quoted “Has it ever sounded good on a record? So easy to use

5. Serum

We can safely say that Xfer’s Serum belongs to the elite of plugins in music production. Serum can be divided into 4 tabs: Oscillator tab (including sub-oscillator, 2 ultra-clear oscillators, filter section, modulation, 3 envelopes and 4 LFOs), FX tab (including distortion, phaser, filter, flanger, chorus , delay, compression, etc.), Matrix tab (large mapping system) and a Global tab (unison, preferences and settings). Maxim Lany recently shared his thoughts on Serum with us saying, “This is the best synth plugin for me in the past two years. A real treat to work quickly and create your idea without losing its essence.”

6.Arturia V Collection

The latest Arturia V Collection 8 contains a list of digital replicas of the most famous analog synthesizers. A total of 28 Arturia plugins are included, such as the Jun-6, Analog Lab, DX7, Jupiter-8 and the Prophet V. This 20GB collection covers a range of multiple instruments such as organs, pianos, violins, basses and the most digital sounds you can imagine. Italian duo, Agents of Time, mention the Analog Lab plugin as home. You will be able to find any of the historical synthesizers in this plugin. From Juno 106 to Moog, from pad to bass. We totally love it.

7. The Legend

The Legend made by Synapse was developed in association with Bigtone Studios, aiming for unprecedented precision in the field of analog circuitry. Its layout is very much like a cross between Behringer and Moog, where each synthesis section is well displayed. Have fun with the controls (glide, mod mix), tuning, output (detune, master volume), 3 oscillators, mixer (volume, noise, drive, feedback), filter section and envelope of the ‘amplifier. The Legend comes with 530 patches, categorized into basses, synths, effects and more. Agents of Time & Fideles use The Legend extensively and have mentioned it in their list of essential plugins and gear.

8. Hive 2

U-he has combined flexibility, audio quality and creativity to create the second version of Hive, called Hive 2. Hive’s futuristic design includes 3 synth engines (normal, clean, dirty), 2 stereo oscillators, 2 filters, a wavetable display, 2 ADSR Envelopes, 2 LFOs, 8-step sequencer and 7 high quality effects (distortion, chorus, delay, phaser, EQ, plate reverb and compressor). New features have been added in the new version 2.1, such as 4 additional filter types (comb, dissonant, reverb, sideband), stereo filter spread, modulation noise source, pan modulation for reverb and delay , new presets and more.

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