MGK accused of co-opting late rapper Lil Peep’s style | The 90s to today

Electronic musician Alice Glass called out Machine Gun Kelly last night (March 18) for co-opting late rapper Lil Peep’s style.

The singer explained in her tweet, “last thing i’m going to say about this and then i’m done. i don’t know this person, i’ve never even listened to his music. his passing never bothered me. peep was a visionary, mgk is a shameless possessor. She also attached a photo of Lil Peep who looks strikingly like MGK’s new pink look. Lil Peep tragically passed away in 2017 and was a pioneer of the emo-genre. fans also noticed the similarities, and one even made a collage of almost identical looks.

See the tweets and photos below.

The criticism came after MGK posted a video in which he casually drew black eyeliner on his face and repeatedly said the word “emo”. Glass quoted the video on Twitter and said, “I’m too emo. And I don’t appreciate people coming in, making tons of money off the aesthetic, and then laughing at the culture.” She later replied “some of you really don’t understand the sarcasm on this app. Calling me ‘too emo’ is self-deprecation, not a flex. and the mgk apologists here call me squealing teeth ..”

Earlier this week, critics pointed out how the cover artwork for MGK’s upcoming album bears a resemblance to that of Japanese Breakfast. Jubilee cover art.

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