Lady Gaga’s most popular hits

Lady Gaga has been revolutionizing music for ages. With the addition of acting roles in films such as A star is born and Gucci House to his career, however, his career has become more than music. But there is no doubt that Lady Gaga has had a musical career filled with popular hit records. When “Always Remember Us This Way” became her third song to hit 700 million streaming on Spotify, it was further proof of his success. Here is a look at some of his most popular records.

Lady Gaga’s Most Popular Music Records

Ok, maybe it’s safe to say every song from A star is born was popular (and still is). Who hasn’t fallen in love with Lady Gaga and Bradly Cooper’s onscreen chemistry? Do you remember their performance at the 2019 Oscars? Let me remind you of that performance and the love ballad titled “Shallow”.

Although Gucci House had no musical performance, the music of A star is born lives on.

Do you remember “Just Dance”?

Before Lady Gaga became a megastar, she had the single that made her a megastar. This song was an electro-pop dance single.

It is a testament to his musical talent. Reading it now, the sound is completely different and shows its vocal range and production capacity. The song led to its appearance on Gossip Girl where she performed “Bad Romance” and featured the song when it appears.

She had also collaborated with Tony Bennett for years and also gave us some memorable collaborations with Beyonce.

While she is currently in the middle of awards season, maybe winning an Oscar, it is not known when the new music will come. But, we can keep playing on this playlist and more and cheer for his win for awards season.

What song would you add to the playlist? What is your favorite Lady Gaga song? Ring below. We would like to know.

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