K-Pop Star Kris Wu Faces Further Rape Charges From Underage US Victim | K-pop movie news

A new rape allegation has surfaced over Chinese celebrity and former K-pop group EXO member Kris Wu, who has previously been accused of drugging and raping underage girls.

According to reports, the complaint was filed by an Los Angeles-based woman who allegedly attended one of Wu’s drinking bouts. According to her attorney Jing Wan of Kingswood Law, it is an open secret that the K- singer pop “selects concubines” from international students. The alleged victim was invited by Kris’s assistant to a rally where the girls were reportedly asked to hand over their cell phones to prevent them from taking photos and videos.

She also said that during the “awkward” evening, as everyone took turns singing, participants seemed to be holding what sounded like Viagra or other drugs. She added that she fell unconscious because she had drunk too much. She would only have realized that she had had sex with Kris after she regained consciousness.

She claimed that she had so far remained silent on the matter only out of fear of public criticism after Du Meizhu, the first to accuse Kris Wu, received a severe counterattack from the share of Internet users on its social networks. The alleged anonymous victim also said she feared she would not be taken seriously due to a lack of evidence.

It all started when an internet influencer Du Meizhu, who claims to be Wu’s girlfriend, tricked underage women into having sex by claiming he was recruiting actresses, according to the Global Times.

Since then, the controversy has sparked wide condemnation of the singer on Chinese social networks and led luxury brands to sever ties with him. Most of his songs have also been taken down from music streaming sites.

He is suspected of rape after a police investigation and was detained by the Chaoyang District Public Security Bureau.

Previously, reports of a suicide attempt by Kris Wu after facing multiple allegations circulated the internet. However, there is no official confirmation.

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