JER (Skatune Network, We Are The Union) announce their first LP (new song and ltd vinyl pre-order)

We’ve teamed up with JER on a canary yellow vinyl variant of their anticipated debut album, limited to 200 copies worldwide and available exclusively in our stores. Pre-order yours now.

We can’t talk about the renewed interest in ska without talking about Jeremy Hunter, who has done more than anyone to bridge the gap between the ska and non-ska scenes, while constantly promoting new ska bands and educating younger generations about ska’s rich history. As well as bringing a ton of attention to ska with their beloved ska covers project Skatune Networkplaying as a member of We are the unionplaying in Jeff Rosenstock ska dream band, and a guest on tons of other records, the incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist/singer has also begun releasing his own music as a JER in 2020, and now their debut album is finally announced. It’s called Bothered / Indifferent and it’s slated for May 27 via Bad Time Records.

The album doesn’t include any of the singles JER previously released, but it does feature nine completely new original songs and a radical reimagining of Jimmy Cliff’s ska/rocksteady classic “You Can Get It If You Really Want”. JER seamlessly connects the dots between early Jamaican ska, 2 Tone, third wave/ska-punk and New Tone Ska, while also working in indie rock, emo, hip hop and more. and advocating for ska as a style of music with a long and continuous history, not something that comes and goes in waves. True to the New Tone mentality, Bothered / Indifferent is in touch with the roots of ska as a political genre, but in a completely forward-thinking way that feels vital and necessary in 2022, and JER links the political right to the personal, all from a person’s perspective of non-binary color in a scene created by people of color but too often dominated by apolitical white male groups in the American mainstream.

The album’s first single is “Clout Chasers!”, an indie/punk/ska ripper that shoots people who acted too cool for ska (and JER) just a few years ago, and now want to participate. . -down coda rocksteady for good measure. Listen and watch the video below.

The album is up for pre-order now on a canary yellow vinyl limited to 200, and our stores are the only place to pre-order this variant. You can also get it as part of three different ska packs: one with Eichlers’ new album (on which JER does guest vocals); one with Eichlers and Jeff Rosenstock’s ska dream; and one with Eichlers, Catbite, and Abraskadabra. Here is a model of the variant:

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