“It’s beautiful to be with my sisters”: the Tiarras seek to empower a generation through music

Tiffany, Sophia and Tori Baltierra of the Tiarras went viral ICT Tac after releasing their rendition of Caifanes’ “La Negra Tomasa” in a psychedelic cumbia guitar riff. The video garnered nearly 400,000 views and has since taken the Austin band’s fan base to new heights.

The Sisters are an award-winning Latin band that breaks down boundaries and empowers others through a unique and eclectic style of music. Inspired by their Mexican-American roots, the trio’s genre-defying sound is a vibrant mix of cumbia, reggae, indie and more.

Formerly the Tiarra Girls, the Tiarras got their start in music at a young age. They were exposed to a wide variety of songs from their father, Hector Baltierra, who was a DJ.

“We were each taking lessons privately and separately,” Tori said. “Then one day we were all like, Hey, we have instruments that go well with the band, so maybe we should start playing songs together and learning music together..”

Tori is the lead vocalist, while Tiffany plays bass guitar and Sophia jams on drums. Harmonizing together and feeding off each other’s energy during shows is what they say makes them an even stronger band.

“It’s beautiful to be with my sisters and know that they’re always there to support me and we’re always there to love each other and connect through music no matter what,” Tori said.

In addition to their notorious covers, The Tiarras also write and record songs together that stem from their Mexican-American heritage and famous Latino artist influences.

“We started implementing more like cumbia, Spanish lyrics, and that kind of shaped what we play now, which is like a varied mix of everything,” Tori said. “The artists who inspire us are, of course, Selena – whether it’s fashion, music or just her essence, really – just like raised us in a way. People say we look like so No Doubt and Selena and Santana like everyone went to the studio and started writing together.

The sisters’ music incorporates themes such as social advancement, unity and identity. Their latest singles, “Soy Chingona” and “Let Love Free” are two of their favorites due to the powerful meaning behind each song.

“I love ‘Let Love Free’,” Tiffany said. “It’s Tori’s song that comes out, but her lyrics, every time she brought it to us, like she was talking about how it can relate to a lot of other people’s lives. Every time she sings and sings with her, it just makes me think about love and what love means to me.

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