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There seems to be a typical format for the majority of songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. From country to hip-hop to rock ‘n’ roll, popular songs tend to overdo auto-tune, have a monotonous delivery and little to separate one artist from the next.

It can be difficult to find artists who still focus on organic vocal sounds and somewhat unorthodox structures, while adhering to industry standards.

Rochester singer-songwriter and producer Isaiah Franchuk, aka Isaiah, has managed to keep up by infusing his own distinct flavor into his music. It’s obvious that there are catchy vocal enhancements in his songs, but they’re done with art. Weak echo and reverb notes can be heard in songs such as “LBMA pt.2”, “Rare” and “Meant Nothing”, all of which were released on major streaming platforms in 2021.

Isaiah’s lyrics portray an open-hearted, albeit vulnerable, man who falls in love effortlessly, but who sometimes tends to be indecisive with his emotions. He produces his songs himself, laying down more live instruments as opposed to digitally produced beats, and relying less on technology-enhanced vocal tuning.

Isaiah’s 2021 singles demonstrate that he’s not afraid to take risks and go against standard pop song conventions when it comes to studio production, and if the music is any indication, it should pay off for him to move forward.

Geary Ann Lewin is a freelance writer for CITY. Comments on this article can be directed to [email protected].

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