Howard’s Showtime Marching Band Celebrates Historic Confirmation of Judge Jackson, Law Students Share Their Thoughts

Alyssa Whitaker 1L

“During the confirmation I definitely had tears in my eyes, partly because of my frustration and the process, but also because this woman is beyond anything she has done, but it didn’t. ‘still hasn’t garnered the respect of these senators,” Whitaker said. “But on a different note, it reinforces the promise of democracy. The idea of ​​what America is versus what the America might be, that gap is narrowing.

Damani Ashton 3L

“Long term, I think Judge Jackson’s confirmation will have a significant impact because outside of her race and gender. Judge Jackson offers a diverse perspective,” Ashton said. “As a former public defender and member of the US Sentencing Commission, I’m sure his view of the law was shaped in a way that is not currently represented on the Supreme Court. Hopefully his confirmation breaks the glass ceiling and opens doors for other viable candidates who are also uniquely located.

Benjamin Baker 1L

“As a young black freshman law student, just to see our Supreme Court look more and more like America and so future law students can open a casebook and see the name of Ketanji Brown Jackson , you can’t write a better script for it,” Baker said. “The long-term impact is that for little black girls who grow up and want to be lawyers, they can see themselves. Not just imagining, but seeing someone who looks like them.

Jasmine Marchbanks-Owens 1L

“I think it’s very inspiring to see someone who looks like me, a dark-skinned black woman, be on the highest court in the land. For me in particular, I’m very interested in working with the community and helping social movements, so to see someone with a background in the public interest making it to such a high standard is monumental in itself. Often what we will see is that the people who sit on the Supreme Court have worked in large corporate law firms. So to see someone who has worked to help people’s rights and representation within the courtroom, now doing so in the Supreme Court is nothing short of inspiring. I am also very excited to have the opportunity to work with her. There is certainly a disparity between black law students who can be clerks, in general, and recent graduate students in particular who can be clerks on the Supreme Court.

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