How does pop music affect the modern generation? Singer Naman Arora responds

Nowadays, music has become commercial, hasn’t it? Well, discussions on this subject always catch fire. And the growing demand for pop music kind of ties in with the above. Speaking of all this, singer Naman Arora reflects on his strong thoughts on how pop music affects the modern generation.

The singer says, “Nowadays in this fast-paced world, everything goes viral so fast. Young people want to be part of the trend and the culture where everything revolves around it, that’s why pop music is becoming increasingly influential. People seem to listen to it because they don’t know about FOMO.”

Singer Naman Arora believes that pop music has created both positive and negative effects. Highlighting the positives, he said, “This kind of music conveys a feeling of happiness and excitement to young minds. They feel motivated while listening to the lyrics and music of such songs. And that’s very good. ”

“However, the problem may be caused by the song’s offensive and misleading lyrics. This genre contains lyrics that could hurt feelings or carry the bulk of abusive language. All of this might be cool for young people, but don’t don’t you think it also creates perverse effects?” Naman Arora said, pointing out the hostile side of pop songs.

Whether it’s a teenager reading this article or someone with a lot of experience, you’ll agree with what Naman Arora has to say. The singer added, “Nowadays, everyone is eager to get into this genre because it’s popular among young people.”

Naman Arora has spent years marking his foray into the music industry. It took him years to reach thousands of people with his soulful music. The singer sang songs like Suit Punjabi, Tera Rang, Raah Kar Da, Pata Mainu and Main Shayar and also performed at various events and clubs. Naman Arora had no sponsor in the industry. It was on the basis of his talent that he came close to success.

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