How did BTS’s Jin find “Super Tuna”? Idol discusses the origins of the viral trot song

On December 4, 2021, BTS’s Jin unexpectedly dropped a trotting song expressing his love for fishing, titled Super Tuna. Months later, the mystery behind what prompted the oldest member of the band to release a trotting song is finally revealed in an interview with Weverse Magazine.

In the Weverse article, Jin exclaimed that all he wanted was to find an “excuse” to go fishing with his producer and friend BUMZU. He also mentioned that he thought the new generation didn’t have fun fishing songs and wanted to make one – he didn’t know the opportunity could come that way.

Combining his love for fishing and his craft, the eldest hit the beach with a draft in mind, and soon enough, great tuna has been created.

BTS Jin’s Viral Trot Song “Super Tuna” Was Born From His Love For Peach Songs

Against the backdrop of bright scenery and colorful animations, BTS’ oldest member Jin wore denim overalls and danced a rather unique dance as Super Tuna played in the background. Unbeknownst to him, the singing of the trot he would be embarrassed about afterwards would be well on the way to becoming a worldwide challenge in a few hours.

The phenomenon of millions of people – old people, children, young adults, adults and everyone – dancing to great tuna started with a particular excuse – to want to go fishing with his producer friend BUMZU, Jin said in an interview with Weverse Magazine.

“I actually wanted to do a fishing song, but it was really an excuse to go fishing with BUMZU. We went there after suggesting to the label that we both fish would make good content.”

BUMZU is a famous K-pop producer known for creating smash hits for popular artists like SEVENTEEN, NU’EST, Rain, SHINee and many more.

Jin previously stated in In the SOP that he wanted to do a peach song with Yoongi. Much of the desire to create a track about fish came about because the BTS member felt there weren’t enough songs about the subject for the next generation.

“Our generation doesn’t have good songs about fishing to listen to on the highway. And there’s been a lot of serious talk lately, so I thought it would be nice to do a light, upbeat song. . .”

On the other hand, BUMZU experimented with a whole new way of creating a song. According to the interview, the duo finalized the melody in just five minutes, while on a boat, at sea, fishing.

However, great tuna took a lot of effort, even though it seemed easier and lower quality than the usual BTS songs. Creating a song in the genre of trotting was new for Jin and BUMZU, who referenced famous singers and classic trotting songs to get the right feeling.

Meanwhile, the clip of great tuna currently sits at 58 million views on YouTube. Jin made the song “just to be enjoyed” and ARMYs did the same, although more passionately than expected.

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