Hey Taurus, your 2021 horoscope says things are getting better

Hey Bulls, how are you? Are you feeling a little shocked from 2020? Ready to step out of this season and step into a new year with new goals and new perspectives? Same same. This has been a trying year for all signs, but there’s reason to believe it’s been especially tough for Taureans. By their very nature, the earth sign craves connection, loves to welcome and appreciates the finer things in life – all the things that are lacking. Will 2021 be more the same? What are the stars holding? We asked two expert astrologers to tell us your horoscope for Taurus 2021.

The first thing to know is if you’ve been feeling bad about, oh, March, you’re not alone. Kirby Moore, a trauma-informed astrologer based in Charlottesville, Virginia Wisdom healing arts says Taureans crave structure and discipline, and in a year where a pandemic has made life something else, it’s been baffling. But, he adds, if Taureans can find time to think and take care of themselves, they can tap into their best attributes in 2021.


Ask famous astrologer Kyle Thomas about Kyle Thomas Astrology, and he will tell you that “2021 will be a major time for all Taureans”. He says it is important to note that “Revolutionary Uranus has been shaking your life since 2018. It has caused you to enter new territory in every way. You are in a major process of re-creating yourself and will remain so until 2026. Do not live by patterns that limit your happiness and self-expression. It means nurturing relationships with people who help you grow. “If you are already engaged, bring more passion, adventure and spontaneity to your union. It will help you become happier than ever and could change your life forever. “


But the Taurus should also be aware of their stubborn natural instincts when it comes to relationships. “For Taurus, the more you get to know yourself, the better you can relate to others, because then that stubbornness can become decisive,” says Moore. “It can turn into clarity. If I know why I am stubborn, it really matters. But if it is just some kind of unconscious resistance, it is also difficult for others to deal with.

Next year is not the time to take people for granted, Taurus. If you want to enjoy your life and develop friendships, you will need to remember to nurture those relationships.

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It’s no secret that the pandemic has taken its toll on the financial stability of thousands of people. And for some Taurus, it may have been a wake-up call. As Moore says, Taurus people love the finer things in life – great food, great wine, fashion, rich experiences. Having them suddenly removed may have been a bit traumatic. To manage life in 2021, especially in an economy that is still unpredictable, Taurus would be wise to adjust their habits and try to enjoy new things (read: affordable) – while keeping a safety net of l savings in the process.

If that sounds too gloomy, here’s the good news: Thomas predicts major professional growth for Taurus next year, a sign that finances could pick up.


The sudden success of Taurus’ career could be attributed to The great conjunction of 2020, Says Thomas. What is that? On December 21, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will appear so close to each other that they will be about 1 / 10th of 1 degree apart.

“This will take place in your sector of achievement marking this as your ultimate destiny from 2020 to 2040 (tenth solar house),” adds Thomas. “You will take on a tremendous amount of work and responsibility in your professional life. The more you apply yourself, the more you will grow. Many Taureans will achieve long-term fame, success, or even fame. You will be in high demand in the years to come and you will become seen as a leader. He goes so far as to say that Taureans will shine above all other zodiac signs professionally and there are many Taurus who will reach the peak of success all over the world. Can I have a “devil yeah!”?

But to be successful like this, Taurus, you have to be a good headroom. Moore understands that for a lot of bulls this year has been, well, a lot of bulls. Career goals have been put on hold, some have had to completely change their professional lives from full-time to part-time instructors to full-time instructors. The extent to which the pandemic has changed career paths can be depressing, but Moore says Taurus can get back on track by prioritizing personal care, which will lead to mental clarity. “Going out, maybe taking an Epsom salt, it’s especially good for meeting Taurus’ need to go at their own pace.”


Finally, when it comes to parenthood, Moore has some very specific advice for Taurus in 2021: “Don’t treat your kids like property.” Possession is a big part of Taurus nature, so it’s worth remembering that your children are “one-of-a-kind human beings,” he says.

“Taurus and Scorpio need more objectivity, they need more detachment, more impartiality, to be neutral, to be able to say, ‘Wow, I wonder who my kid wants to be? I wonder who they are? Can I give them the space and the resources to become what they want to be? “. Do it, and your whole family will benefit in 2021.

So take a deep breath, Taurus. Next year looks up. To harness your power, take the time for clarity, self-care, and self-reflection and you can discover great things to come. And if you want more information, Moore offers secure COVID virtual sessions through Zoom.

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