Hayley Williams quits social media

Paramore’s Hayley Williams has announced that after much thought, she will delete her social media accounts.

“I have carefully considered this decision for almost a year now,” Williams said in an Instagram post (see below). “Now I know for sure that my desire to get away from personal accounts (yes, even my finsta) is based on nothing more than my interest in keeping a line between public and private life … and wanting to move on. more time to look up and out, rather than down.

At this time, Williams’ farewell post on Instagram remains the only post on the account, with all previous posts being deleted and her Twitter account has also been deleted.

Recalling his time on social media, Williams said, “I’ve been on the internet, and more specifically on social media since I was 15. Maybe even younger. It started with blogging sites, then MySpace, then Paramore became a thing and a social network the media wasn’t even just for my personal use anymore, but it was part of the job. It was a useful and above all beautiful part of the job. I need to ‘a connection and the Internet is a great tool for that when it doesn’t. tears us apart. “

She continued, “The point is, connecting is and always will be a part of my job (thankfully). As for my own experiences with social media, I don’t want it anymore.”

Williams says his decision is not a judgment call for anyone who enjoys their social media, but rather, it’s “just a huge encouragement for anyone who needs permission to create more boundaries and room to grow.” She added, “Sometimes ‘no’ is the nicest thing you can say to anyone, even yourself.”

While Williams herself will no longer be on social media, the Paramore group’s accounts remain active and allow fans to follow the group’s events.

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