Gothcore: the illegitimate child of goth and metalcore aesthetics

Want to know what happens when you mix goth, punk and metal? Well, we’ve got the answer for you – you end up with gothcore, the latest aesthetic flooding TikTok with truly creepy vibes. And since we’re already celebrating Halloween today, it seems like now is the perfect time to discuss the resurrected mania surrounding gothcore.

Now you might think you’ve seen it all when it comes to TikTok trends – you might even think you know all the “cores” that there can be now. But don’t be easily fooled, known for its dark looks and all-black cuts, the trend is often confused with a similar aesthetic like punkcore for example. Gothcore also touches the realm of fantasy at times, bringing comparisons to dark naturalism, dark heaven and even dark university; a subculture known for its romance of classic quirky styles.

But gothcore isn’t just a fashion aesthetic, it’s a whole lifestyle. Think goth but make it modern, this trend combines all the best parts of gothic fashion, music and makeup with an added touch of modernity. So, before you decide to pop your crumpled cat ears out of your attic for a last minute Halloween shoot, why not find out more about this online subculture sensation first?

Tie your Platform boots and pull out the black kohl liner. We are going to tell you everything you need to know about gothcore and how you can participate in it as well.

What exactly is gothcore?

To put it simply, gothcore is a subculture that draws its inspiration primarily from the gothic aesthetic of fashion, makeup, and even different media, with some movies being one of them. The trend is also accompanied by a firm and specific musical style. Wonder describes it as an “anti-softcore” movement. According to clean aesthetics Wiki page, it’s a fusion of gothic rock and hardcore punk that has its own set of wacky subcultures like folk punk and metalcore.

When it comes to gothcore, there isn’t a lot of information on the trend as it mostly consists of a mix of lots of contrasting aesthetics. A number of things can be categorized within it, from strictly emo groups to those who like to dip their toes in traditional gothic fashion outfits that Morticia Addams would die for.

Comparatively smaller in the world of hearts, just look chalet core which has amassed 7 billion views on TikTok and growing, even goblin and fairy core which are not too far either. That being said, the gothcore community is anything but quiet and more on par with the tastes of the scenecore – with most of the members having a taste for metal music and strong punk rock, there is no shortage of screams.

Megan Fox and Kourtney Kardashian: Gothic Fashion 2.0

Firmly at the intersection where goth meets glam, gothcore takes elements of the emo and gothic fashion trends that reigned in the late 2010s and blends them with runway haute couture. In the style has reported on celebrities like Megan Fox, Olivia rodrigo and Kourtney kardashian that were spotted sporting the look.

There is also a recurring theme that can easily be spotted when it comes to makeup that members of the gothcore community tend to use. Melt cosmetics is a good example, because its Mary jane The eye palette perfectly channels the smoky, dark allure of the aesthetic.

Online, many have also drawn inspiration from anime inspirations such as Misa Amane, a protagonist of the anime. Death threat, for their look. Amane wears heavy gothic clothing in a modern fashion, with black frilly corsets combined with black leather boots, short leather skirts and her arms adorned with cutout fishnet fabric. She usually adds patterned tights and fingerless gloves to complete her look. This playful mix of old and new is one of the main aspects of Gothic fashion.

In fact, a lot of gothcore videos on TikTok use audio of Amane speaking dubbed version of the show, with extensive gothcore fit testing also using audio downloaded from a montage with over 5 million views per user @leznhartmoved. The character is clearly popular and fits perfectly with the definition of gothcore as ‘modern meets goth’.

For men who also participate in aesthetics, Death threat is again a big inspiration with the character of Shinigami Ryuk, the demon antagonist of the series. Ryuk has an edgy look, pulling on distressed black pants and a large chain wrapped through his belt. He might be scary, but you have to hand it to him, this demon has style.

Gothic music

Like most subcultures, gothcore has a very specific sound that draws inspiration from ‘gothic groups such as Bauhaus, Siouxsie & The Banshees and Christian Death with hardcore punk bands like Black Flag, The Germs, Extreme Noise Terror, as well as metalcore bands like Bleeding Through and It Dies Today, ”as his Wiki page points out. “The sounds of the music are a mix of dark post punk, dark post hardcore and dark metal. Some bands also incorporate darkwave and industrial influences. The key structures of the songs incorporate breaks in the structure of the sounds influenced by Gothic metal. The simple concept is Goth (ic) – (Metal) -Core, ”the page continues. Groups like Samhain– interestingly named after the Gaelic festival for the “darker half” of the year’s harvest season – and Rx27 greatly influenced the sounds of gothcore.

Gothic influencers

Like many trends, this aesthetic has its own designated corner on the internet, thriving in places like TikTok and Tumblr, with many accounts displaying their OOTDs and style inspiration. Gothcore content can often be found on hashtags #mallgoth, # gothesthetic and #romaticgoth. Creators love @cherubchelsea go viral for making additions to the style like bimbo-gothcore, and @ hekate_moon’s modernization of vintage goth in his videos.

TikTokers likes @_brideofdracula_ have garnered thousands of followers on the platform by posting videos explaining how difficult it is to label yourself in communities with overlapping subcultures. General terms like “goth” elicit a questionable look when added to a list of seemingly opposing aesthetic styles like cottagecore. But people – like the wonderful, multi-faceted beings that we are – exist and can be more than one thing, duh.

As a subculture, gothcore remains small for now although it already encompasses a lot of things – and that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for people who aren’t already in. current to sneak too.

Gothcore: the illegitimate child of goth and metalcore aesthetics

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