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Looking for some motivation to get you through the start of another work week? We feel you, and with stellar new pop tracks, we’ve got you covered.

These 10 tracks from artists such as King Princess, MUNA, GAYLE, Capella Gray and BoyWithUke will give you energy to face the week. Add any of these gems to your personal playlists – or scroll to the end of the post for a personalized playlist of all 10.

King Princess, “For My Friends”

On King Princess’ latest single, “For My Friends” – which the singer relies on friends in New York to get her back after a breakup – the artist strikes a happy medium between raw melancholy and hard-hitting pop production , who kicks strategy right after she reveals that “loving me takes patience.” – Lyndsey Havens

Mondo Cozmo, “Electrify My Love”

The latest from folk-rock band Mondo Cozmo lures listeners in with an unusual tactic: a slow build. It’s only a minute and a half later that the music and energy reach a rousing new high, underscored by a choir and – as the title suggests – electrifying guitar riffs. – L. Havens

GAYLE with UPSAHL and Blu DeTiger, “ez”

While continuing to ride single “abcdefu,” alternative pop newcomer GAYLE released her debut EP last week, featuring the standout track “ez.” Joined by fellow UPSAHL and Blu DeTiger, the anthemic song (which apparently nods to the “abcdefu” riff) is an ode to being young and “acting like we know too much…we give it the seem to be ez”. – L. Havens

Solar, “Raw”

K-pop artist Solar opens his new Face EP featuring the sultry and assertive “Raw”, a one-minute track that waits for the final seconds to double up in tempo before ending with some swaggering shots, setting the stage perfectly for the four tracks that follow. – L. Havens

Capella Gray ft. Nija, “Confujawn”

Bronx rapper Capella Gray dominated New York in the summer of 2021 with “Gyalis,” and his latest offering — “Confujawn” featuring singer Nija — certainly seems destined to dominate the airwaves in 2022, but in a much different vein. The laid-back beat is set against a vaguely edgy acoustic guitar riff in expectation as the two exchange tentatively romantic vocal lines. The result is a spellbinding R&B duo. –Joe Lynch

BoyWithUke ft. blackbear “IDGAF”

2021 has seen a dozen TikTok musicians from a baker hit it hard, but only one of them is an unrepentant ukulele thrower. The aptly named BoyWithUke teams up with blackbear (whose heart-on-sleeve style likely influenced BWU) on “IDGAF,” a heartbroken anthem about moving on from a toxic ex, even when you’re clearly still uncomfortable. breaking. – J. Lynch

Ruby Red, “Too Late (To Call)”

Recent Virgin Records signees Ruby Red are fairly new to the game, but you wouldn’t know it listening to their confident ode to uncertainty, “Too Late (To Call).” The duo display a moody melodism and affinity for vintage-sounding late-night synths (presumably thanks in part to Nineteen85, who co-produced it alongside DallasK) that makes us very curious as to where they go next. – J. Lynch

Sophie Meiers, “Let Me Breathe”

Artists like Grimes and Lady Gaga are easy touchstones for the sonic and visual styles of Sophie Meiers’ new alt-pop single “Let Me Breathe” and its accompanying sci-fi music video, but the basis of the song is closer to grunge and alternative rock, as the sultry bass and drums create a tension that is not relieved until the song’s conclusion. –Jason Lipshutz

Letting go, “Beabadoobee”

As the world waits for new music from rising pop-rock star Beabadoobee, British duo The Let Go have offered a charming rhythm-pop track in honor of the artist to help us out. “Beabadoobee” sounds suspended in the air, its synths and its revered guitar cascading under the vocals in order to cause a brief and beautiful effect. – J. Lipshutz

Sasha Alex Sloan, “WTF”

There’s nothing like some existential pop to start the week: Sasha Alex Sloan’s new single “WTF” doesn’t just stress the meaning of life in its chorus (“What the hell am I doing here ?”), but asks heavy questions about happy accidents throughout (“Am I here for a reason, or because my parents drank?”). Before his second album, I blame the worldSloan seems confident as he waves his fist skyward and makes the act digestible for the masses. – J. Lipshutz

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