Emo Zone Infection Rate Could Be Worse Than It Looks Local News

Public health officials reported a new case of COVID-19 in the Rainy River District on Wednesday, bringing the total number of active cases west of Thunder Bay to six.

The Rainy River District, which includes Emo, accounted for four of the active cases, according to the Northwestern Health Unit.

On Tuesday, the health unit warned that COVID-19 infections in the Emo region “may be more widespread than it appears.”

“Until the risk is lower, residents of the Emo region are urged to avoid larger gatherings, especially indoors,” the health unit said.

Two new cases of COVID-19 were reported by the Thunder Bay District Health Unit on Wednesday.

Both cases are related to travel and in the Thunder Bay area.

There are five active cases in the district.

The city of Thunder Bay and public health officials are calling for caution in the community as COVID-19 cases remain high in provinces like Alberta and Saskatchewan.

“Our community is in a good position right now, and I want to thank everyone for their efforts so far to help keep our COVID count low and our immunization count high,” he said. Mayor Bill Mauro said in a press release. “But we can’t underestimate the variants that still exist and their ability to show up here and spread very quickly, especially as we move to colder weather and more activity indoors. . “

Dr Janet DeMille, medical officer of health at the Thunder Bay District Health Unit, said the Thunder Bay district has been successful and it is reassuring to see the high vaccination rate and low number of cases in the area.

“Although we are in a very good situation as winter approaches, things can change very quickly with this virus,” she said.

She added that the vaccination clinics at CLE Coliseum and local pharmacies are still distributing the COVID vaccine to anyone who wants it.

“COVID-19 is always a risk and can seemingly appear out of nowhere,” she said. “It remains of vital importance, even with our positive conditions, to follow public health measures and to get vaccinated with both doses as quickly as possible.”

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