Delete your Twitter history. It’s time to erase those squeaky tweets for good

We all have something embarrassing about Twitter, but you can delete old tweets using these four apps.

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Twitter is an easy way to get a wide variety of information. You can keep up with the latest news, spot honest reviews of products and services, and find fun memes and viral discussion threads. (You can even check Blue twitter, the social media company’s new subscription service that lets you cancel tweets and read ad-free articles.) But, Twitter has been around for over a decade now, and if you scroll through someone’s Twitter history long enough, it could get a little embarrassing.

Twitter’s popularity blossomed in the late years, when many millennials were still in the MySpace frame of mind – sharing vague sad statuses for attention, scary song lyrics and mirror selfies. dirty bathroom. Most people these days prefer a more polished social presence and may want to erase those outdated messages. You might also want to delete tweets from a painful moment in your life or make your internet presence a little more private.

Does the idea of ​​someone finding your Twitter origins newsworthy keep you from sleeping at night? Don’t worry, your friends might remember your emo days, but there are a few ways to erase your emo phase from Twitter’s annals. Keep in mind that if you use any of these apps, deleting your tweets is permanent and unless you subscribe to a premium tier, the service will generally limit you to deleting 3,200 tweets. We will tell you how:

TweetDelete: Bulk delete tweets using age and keyword filters

tweets delete

TweetDelete allows you to filter and delete tweets based on time.

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TweetDelete is a free web-based tool that lets you bulk delete your Twitter posts with age and text filters. You can also configure the tool to mass delete on a schedule. Here’s how to get started with TweetDelete:

1. Visit

2. Connect with Twitter.

3. Read app permissions, privacy settings, terms and conditions.

4. Authorize the App.

From there, you can delete up to 3,200 of your most recent tweets with certain limitations. There are drop-down menu options to delete tweets older than a week, three months, a year, and more. If you are looking to delete a specific topic, you can use the text field to delete tweets that contain a word or phrase. Finally, you can tell TweetDelete to delete your tweets once or every few days. But be careful: unless you have backed up a data file, your tweets cannot be recovered once you delete them.

TweetDelete also offers a premium experience for a one-time payment of $ 15. Premium includes additional features like unlimited tweet deletion, greater personalization during massive deletions, advanced mode to delete tweets by their numeric ID, etc.

TweetEraser: Filter by date, retweets or likes to choose what to delete in bulk

tweet eraser

TweetEraser has a number of options to filter and delete old tweets.

Screenshot by CNET

TweetEraser is a web-based tool intended to help you clean up your Twitter timeline. With the app, you can filter and delete Tweets in bulk. Here’s how the service works:

1. Visit

2. Choose your package. If you choose the free tier, just click Connect with Twitter.

3. Enter your Twitter login information and click Authorize app.

4. Enter the passcode sent to your phone and click Connect.

5. Click Authorize Application again.

6. TweetEraser will ask for your email address to facilitate communication, but you do not need to enter it to continue with the service.

7. Click Get Latest Tweets to see a graph of your Twitter activity.

TweetEraser will tell you the date and time of your post, how many retweets and likes you’ve earned, and whether you’ve added a photo. It also offers the option to view the original post on Twitter. From there, just check the box to delete individually or all records from the page – you can customize from 10 tweets per page to 3,200 (the maximum import for the free version).

TweetEraser’s free tier says it offers no recurring fees, no chronological spam, a maximum Twitter data import of 3,200 tweets, and limited search filters. The tool also offers subscription plans – the standard eraser is $ 7 for 30 days and the Premium eraser is $ 10 for 30 days. Both include an ad-free experience, more search filters, the ability to add multiple Twitter accounts, and more features.

TweetDeleter: a way to browse, unlike tweets and delete them permanently


TweetDeleter is another option to clear your Twitter history.

Screenshot by CNET

TweetDeleter lets you browse, search, and delete tweets, as well as different tweets. The app lets you search for tweets by liking, keyword, profanity, date, media and more. You can also access an archive of your tweets and likes. TweetDeleter also allows you to keep deleted tweets on the app, even if they are permanently deleted from Twitter.

This is how it works:

1. Visit

2. Click Connect with Twitter.

3. Enter your Twitter login information.

4. Click Authorize Application.

From there, you’ll be taken to your dashboard where you can find, delete, set up automatic deletions, download archives, and view deleted tweets you’ve saved on the app.

TweetDeleter has a free version, but it only lets you delete five tweets per month, use five free keyword searches per month, and filter out profanity. To use a wider range of TweetDeleter features, the app offers subscription plans. Standard ($ 4 per month) lets you delete up to 500 tweets per month and unlocks all search filters and keywords. TweetDeleter Advanced ($ 5 per month) includes everything in Standard, but lets you delete 3,200 tweets and 1,000 likes per month. The Unlimited level unlocks the entire app. Whichever subscription you choose, saving deleted tweets in the app costs an additional $ 5 per month.

TwitWipe: delete all tweets posted on your Twitter account

to wipe

TwitWipe literally wipes your entire Twitter account.

Screenshot by CNET

The TwitWipe app removes all tweets – retweets, likes, replies, media, mentions as well – posted to a Twitter account. Followers remain intact, along with tweets that other people have mentioned you in. This can be useful if the Twitter account is passed from one person to another.

At the time of publication, the TwitWipe website was undergoing maintenance. Here’s how the steps were listed on the site:

1. Visit

2. Click on Start

3. Click Connect using Twitter

4. Confirm or cancel the “TwitWipe This Account” button. Be sure to read the disclaimers before confirming the deletion.

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