DC Comics is for Emo Fans, Says Batman Star Robert Pattinson

Batman star Robert Pattinson believes “DC is the emo comic genre” because many of the publisher’s stories are sad and nihilistic.

The Batman Star Robert Pattinson says the stories published by DC Comics are sad, emo and nihilistic.

Talk with QG, Pattinson spoke about his take on Batman’s comic book adventures. The actor said, “DC is the emo comic genre.” Additionally, Pattinson explained that he found the art in DC’s books to have a nihilistic edge and believed The Batman channels comic book elements into its narrative. “I hope there are a lot of sad people in the world.”

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While not everyone agrees with Pattinson’s perception of DC Comics, there is precedent for his opinions. Many Batman stories are known for channeling the emotional struggles of Bruce Wayne, whose crime-fighting career was born out of the tragic death of his parents.

This scenario has been the subject of several media adaptations of Batman, played in films such as Batman, batman begins and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, to name a few. However, The Batman seems to circumvent these pitfalls by skipping the Dark Knight’s origin story entirely. Explaining why he chose to avoid this iconic plot point, director Matt Reeves said, “It was overdone. I knew we couldn’t do that.”

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Instead of focusing on the death of the Waynes, The Batman will focus on Bruce in his second year as a costumed crime fighter. As such, Batman will have enough experience under his belt to question the effectiveness of his crusade and how Gotham City has responded to his presence. Pattinson says Bruce’s relationship with Gotham is a reflection of his relationship to the Wayne family legacy. “It’s a sad movie. It’s a bit about him trying to find an element of hope, within himself, and not just in the city. Normally, Bruce never questions his own ability; it challenges the city’s ability to change.”

With so much emotional trauma in the Dark Knight’s past, Pattinson’s portrayal of Bruce will be unlike anything fans have seen in previous films. The actor says The Batman implies that Bruce had a nervous breakdown and as a result isolated himself from others to focus on his mission. This emotional distance causes the citizens of Gotham to view him as an antisocial outsider. “I definitely found an interesting little thread. It doesn’t have a playboy character at all, so it’s a little weird as Bruce and a weird as Batman.”

The Batman hits theaters on March 4.

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