Covid couple who stayed next to each other leave Derriford hospital red zone together

This beautiful footage shows the incredible and heartwarming moment a husband and wife left the Red Zone at Derriford Hospital together.

Plymouth University Hospitals NHS Trust uploaded the touching images of Elizabeth and Howard Hudson, of Launceston, walking through one of the hospital hallways, cheered and applauded by staff members.

The trust wrote: “This was when Elizabeth and Howard Hudson were kicked out of the Covid Wards red zone.

“They were admitted with Covid-19 on February 1, 2021 and stayed side by side in the room to recover from the virus until they were sent home to Launceston.”

The couple were both admitted to hospital together on February 1 and are said to have stayed next to each other throughout their stay in the Red zone.

The red zone service is for Covid patients only and all staff must wear additional PPE, including an FFP3 respirator mask, eye protection, long cuff gloves, an apron and a liquid resistant gown.

Earlier this week, the couple were released from the Red Zone recovery service and were able to return home to Cornwall.

Hospital staff formed a line and applauded the couple as they walked out of the red zone together arm in arm.

Howard stopped halfway to kiss the nurses a kiss before brazenly jumping over the red zone ‘barrier line’ on the way back.

Excited to get home, Howard forgot to put on his mask – and his wife Elizabeth lovingly slaps him on the arm to remind him to put it on.

As they walk towards the exit, Howard and Elizabeth can be heard constantly thanking all of the amazing key workers who have helped them to recover.

Howard ‘runs’ on the red zone line to get home

Elizabeth told the staff to “stay okay” as she left.

A nurse told the couple to have fun at home and Howard replied “we will.”

It comes as new figures show there have been more than 200 coronavirus patients in the city who have been reunited with their loved ones.

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Derriford Hospital has currently discharged 217 people who had previously been admitted with Covid-19. The most recent data from NHS England showed the number of patients discharged from Plymouth NHS Trust teaching hospitals between January 6 and February 3.

Of the 217 people who were released, one was between 6 and 17 years old.

101 of these patients who were able to return home Derriford Hospital after recovering from the virus, they were between 18 and 64 years old.

Of those who were discharged, 74 patients were aged 65 to 84 and 41 patients aged 85 and over.

Although many people are now able to return home, the same data shows that the hospital has a higher number of patients at all times.

This shows that Derriford saw more patients with covid-19 occupying beds than we had previously seen in the first wave.

Sister specialist Kate Tantam, who works in the intensive care unit, said that in order to have the space to care for people, people have to play by the rules.

The latest government guidelines show that people are only allowed to leave their homes for a number of valid reasons.

Sister Kate Tantam said: “The number of patients in the NHS right now is growing very rapidly and we are all working incredibly hard to bring those numbers down, to make room for you and your loved ones if you need us.”

“We need you to continue to be amazing and to continue supporting Hands, Face, Space and Lockdown in the South West.

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“We have young intensive care patients, it’s not a disease that only affects older people with co-morbidities, it’s a disease that affects everyone and could affect you and your loved ones tomorrow or next week.

“So we need you to be incredibly sane and incredibly supportive of the national message which is to lock in and continue to stay home, work at home if you can and only go out if absolutely necessary.”

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