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Each week, Release Day Picks features new LPs and EPs for the JamBase team to check out on release day Friday. This week we’re highlighting new albums from Sleater-Kinney, Mammoth WVH, Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real, The High Hawks, Cory Wong & Dave Koz, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Mr. Bungle, Julian Lage, Phosphorescent and Kendall Street Company. Read on for more information on the records we’ve all queued up to spin.

Sleater-Kinney – Way of well-being

The scoop: Sleater-Kinney’s 10th studio album, Way of well-being, is out today on Mom + Pop. This is Sleater-Kinney’s self-produced debut album, which currently features guitarists Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker. Way of well-being is also Sleater-Kinney’s debut album since the departure of longtime drummer Janet Weiss, who originally appeared on the band‘s third album, 1997’s Dig me up. Weiss left the band shortly before the release of their previous St. Vincent-produced album, 2019’s. The center will not hold. Tucker and Brownstein wrote and recorded Way of well-being last year in Portland, Oregon. The 11-track album features local musicians who have been asked to contribute to the recording sessions.

“The whole process was based on taking stock of who and what was nearby, on the generosity of time, spirit and contribution, but most of all on a mutual love, need and gratitude for make music, ”Tucker and Brownstein said.

Mammoth WVH – Mammoth WVH

The scoop: Wolfgang van halen today unveiled the eponymous debut album of his new Mammoth WVH project. While the talented son of the late Eddie Van Halen will take the music from the 14-track LP Ex1 Records / Explorer1 Music Group on the road with a new band, he has played all the instruments and sang all the songs on Mammoth WVH. The album was recorded with producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette at 5150 Studios, the same facility where Van Halen prepared some of their most beloved LPs.

“A lot of people have, of course, preconceived ideas about what this should be. Like, ‘Oh, that’s the son, that must sound exactly like that.’ But I did all I could to be my own person. And I think it really shows on the album, ”Wolfgang told People regarding Mammoth WVH. “It’s very liberating to start this path now, rather than doing what everyone expects of me, to go out and just play covers of Van Halen songs. I don’t think I would ever want to do this. Never.”

Lukas Nelson and the promise of reality – A few stars apart

The scoop: A few stars apart is the new studio album by Lukas Nelson and the promise of reality. Singer-songwriter Lukas Nelson wrote the bulk of the songs on A few stars apart during last year’s pandemic. The band recorded the 11-song album in historic RCA Studio A in Nahville, where photos of Nelson’s father, Willie Nelson, hang on the walls. The sessions were led by producer Dave Cobb, who worked with Lukas on the feature film A star is born. POTR members were drummers / percussionists Anthony LoGerfo, bass player Corey mccormick, percussionist Tato Melgar and keyboardist Logan Metz. Guest singer Rina ford appears on the song “Hand Me A Light”, which she co-wrote with Lukas.

“How I feel influences what I write about,” Lukas Nelson said on The JamBase podcast. “Unless I’m trying to write about one thing in particular, it usually comes out based on how I’m feeling right now. I just write my thoughts down and try to hook them up.

The high hawks – The high hawks

The scoop: Jamgrass Supergroup The high hawks released their self-titled debut album. The star group consists of Leftover Salmon’s Vince Herman, Railway land Tim Carbon, horseshoes and hand grenades ” Adam greuel, Americans who work hard ‘ Chad Staehly, DeadPhish Orchestra Brian adams and large American taxis Will stalk. The group’s relationships run deep, having collaborated in various formats over the years. The high hawks features covers of “Fly High” by Woody Guthrie and “Goodnight Irene” by Lead Belly, as well as 11 originals written by band members. Among the originals is “When the Dust Settles Down” by Staehly, written in response to the death of his HWA bandmate Neal Casal.

“The reason I think it worked so well is that we’ve known each other for so long,” Carbone said. “I was part of Adam’s group. I produced two Great American Taxi records. I worked with Chad in some really creative situations. I’ve known the guys from Leftover Salmon for over twenty years. They are a big happy family. It’s kind of the perfect situation. You have a bunch of guys who know and love each other. And oh yeah, by the way, we play these cool original songs too. “

Cory Wong and Dave Koz – Golden hour

The scoop: Guitarist Cory wong and saxophonist Dave koz release their collaborative album Golden hour today. The new record features the very prolific Wong teaming up with the famous smooth jazz saxophonist for 11 tracks that saw Koz step out of his comfort zone. “Recording Golden hour was the most fun I have ever had in the studio, ”Koz said in a statement. “It was also the most terrifying, but in a good way, because it was about being vulnerable and having to trust my own musical instincts, with everyone jamming on the arrangements at the same time.” These jams come from Wong’s 10-piece group and feature horn lines from Prince’s chief horn arranger. Michel nelson. Wong and Kox prefaced Golden hour with the opening number “Today” and Cory also talked about the album’s title track and the overall vibe:

In addition to “The Golden Hour” being one of Dave’s favorite songs on the album, the term conjures up a picture of an essential part of the day, either the afternoon before sunset or just after. the sunrise. This moment is all about capturing the warmth and authenticity, when you feel so alive and energized, excited about what the future may hold for you. It is this intersection between night and day, a moment of transition when the momentum shifts from one thing to another.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Magician – Butterfly 3000

The scoop: It is difficult to avoid the use of “prolific” to describe King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, who released their 18th studio album, Butterfly 3000. The mysterious album follows LW, which was released in February and last year KG. Australian rockers have kept details of Butterfly 3000 sparse, revealing only the number of 10-song tracks on the album while retaining their titles before release. The mystery was heightened by the fact that the group chose not to share any singles or even artwork until today’s release. What was revealed ahead of release day was a press release that read:

Butterfly 3000 might be their most fearless leap into the unknown yet; a suite of ten songs that all started out as arpeggiated loops composed on modular synthesizers, before being transformed into addictive, upbeat and utterly alluring dream-pop by the six-piece. The album simultaneously sounds like nothing they’ve ever done before, and full blast, no doubt Gizz, to its psych-a-tronic neon blossoming. It is without a doubt the most accessible and jubilant album of their career.

Mr. Bungle – The night they came home

The scoop: Cult heroes Mr. Bungle released the live album, The night they came home, today via Ipecac Recordings. Famous Northern California Experimental Rockers – Longtime Guitarist Trey spruance, singer Mike patton and bassist Trevor Dunn with the famous hard rocker guitarist Scott Ian (Anthrax, SOD) and drummer Dave lombardo (Dead Cross, Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies) – captured the 14 song collection during their special Halloween 2020 livestream, The night they came home, which the group performed a day after the release of their first album in 21 years, Easter Bunny’s Unleashed Wrath Demo. The live compilation includes songs from the LP including “Bungle Grind” and “Eracist”, as well as a rendition of “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” by Mr. Rogers to open the live album and a cover of “Loss Of “by Van Halen. Control ”to close it.

Julien Lage – Strabismus

The scoop: Jazz guitar virtuoso Julien lage debuted at Blue Note Records today with Squint. Lage co-produced the 11-song set with Margaret Glaspy and her longtime collaborator Armand Hirsch. The disc also includes the rhythm section of the guitarist composed of the bassist Jorge Roeder and drummer Dave king (The worst). Squint sees Lage marrying his jazz roots with a singer-songwriter slant, aided by informal guidance from Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy. “I love improvised music and have always been fascinated by the music of singer-songwriters,” Julian said in a statement. “For me, the jazz that came out of Blue Note has always engaged both sides of it.” Lage presented the album with “Saint Rose” and followed with “Boo’s Blues” as well as a performance video for “Familiar Flower”, a tribute to jazz master and saxophonist Charles Lloyd.

Phosphorescent – BBC sessions

The scoop: Phosphorescent Matthieu houck performed sessions in London for BBC Radio in 2011 and 2013. Houck selected a total of five tracks from the sets to appear on BBC sessions, a new EP released today via Dead Oceans. The compilation opens with stripped-down interpretations of “Song For Zula” and “Terror In the Canyons (The Wounded Master)” from the 2013 ensemble of Phosphorescent and ends with intimate versions of “At Death, A Proclamation”, “Los Angeles” and “” We’ll Be Here Soon ”recorded as part of the 2011 session.

Kendall Street Company – The year the earth stood still: Ninurta

The scoop: Today, the Charlottesville, Virginia-based group Kendall Street Company unveiled Ninurta, the first part of their ambitious two-volume The year the earth stood still project, via What Is Yes Records. While on tour due to the pandemic, the band entered White Star Studio in rural Louisa, Va., With producer John Tranium. The eight resulting tracks Ninurta The collection finds Kendall Street Company exploring ambient soundscapes and is described as “a nod to the Mesopotamian god whose unwavering presence emerges every seven millennia to save humanity from its own greed.” Nine more tracks arrive as “Companion of Space Opera” Inertia in September.

“After a year of dedicated work on behalf of our latest version, we felt called to start from scratch on a new project with no preconceived expectations,” noted the saxophonist.Jake vanaman. “This concept of building an album from scratch is an idea we were talking about in 2016 while discovering the magic that can take place in a studio environment. Without the pandemic, I’m not sure we would have taken this deliberate break to complete such a project. “

Compiled by Scott Bernstein, Nate Todd and Andy Kahn.

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Coffee Bar opens in NH and they want to be your caffeine dealer Wed, 09 Jun 2021 23:00:14 +0000

Flamingos Coffee Bar on B Street in Hampton recently opened, and according to their website, they want people to support their “local caffeine dealer”.

Executives from the Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce celebrated the café bar’s grand opening event on social media Monday, saying, “Stop and introduce yourself. “

“They are proud to be a part of the Hampton Beach community and look forward to meeting you when you stop by,” the Facebook post said.

According to the Flamingos website, they “strive to provide a cool, unique, playful, and fun environment while you meet up with friends at the beach or have a quick cup of coffee to (flamin) go”.

“We’ll try to limit the flamingo puns along the way, but no flocking promises,” the website administrator wrote.

Contact editor-in-chief Kimberley Haas at

WATCH: The oldest rides in Disneyland from 1955 to today

Stacker, set out to put together a definitive list of all the Disneyland attractions you can enjoy today and rank them according to their age. Using real-time data from Tour plans, Disney archives, and historic press releases and reviews, our list begins with exciting recent additions to the park and stretches back to the oldest opening day classics. This list focuses on the original Disneyland Park, so you won’t see any rides from its neighbor California Adventure right across the boardwalk. Read on to find out about the oldest Disneyland rides that you can still ride today.
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Community collection Wed, 09 Jun 2021 09:05:15 +0000

Part of Dogwood Springs Trail closed

City crews will block part of the Dogwood Springs Trail behind the La-Z-Boy ball fields on Lincoln Street. This will allow staff to upgrade the transmission line and is expected to take about four weeks.

Siloam Springs Heritage Festival

The first heritage festival since 2016 will take place on June 26 at Twin Springs Park. The festival will feature historical displays from the Siloam Springs Museum Society and other community entities, as well as various vendors. From 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., there will be a fundraising dinner at 28 Springs prepared by Siloam Springs native chef Erin Rowe, who will collaborate with 28 Springs chef Kurt Plankenhorn to create an Ozark-style menu.

The festival is free, but the fundraising dinner will be $ 100 per plate or $ 125 with a food and wine pairing. For more information, send an email [email protected] To purchase tickets for the fundraising dinner, visit

Outdoor music at the Heritage Festival

The Siloam Music Festival sponsors a full day of music during the Heritage Festival, starting at 10 a.m. on Saturday, June 26 and continues all day and evening at the Chautauqua Amphitheater. Music will include Bluegrass with jazz guitarists and mandolin players; patriotic music with the community group led by Siloam Springs High School group principal Daniel Hodge; a community choir, a big band; a variety show; and more. A full evening will begin at 7:30 p.m., highlighting many of the day’s popular selections, and will end with a big band performance of America the Beautiful with a local professional vocal soloist, followed by Wilhousky’s famous arrangement of the Battle Hymn of the République, bringing together the community fanfare, the big band and the community choir. Those present should bring lawn chairs or blankets, as well as hats or umbrellas.

First responders celebration

The Siloam Springs Rotary Club will be holding a ceremony at 1 p.m. on July 17 at the Chautauqua Amphitheater to celebrate the Siloam Springs Fire Department. Speeches will be delivered by new Rotary District Governor Kevin Merrill, State Representative Robin Lundstrum (R-87); Fire Chief Jeremey Criner; Deputy Fire Chief John Vanatta and Siloam Springs Rotary Club Past President Tim Davis. MP A demonstration of how firefighters had to change costumes during coronavirus calls and a plaque presentation to firefighters by Merrill, Davis and Siloam Springs new Rotary president Stanley Church. For more information, please contact Larry Kenmore at 913-705-0983 or [email protected]

Writers Guild Meeting

The Siloam Springs Writers Guild will meet at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, June 14 at First Baptist Church, 2000 Dawn Hill Rd., West Entrance. Author and Editor, Cheryl Ellicott will present “Improving Our Writing, Part III.” The subject of the assignment for prose and poetry is “Need for a miracle”. Prose articles are up to 750 words long, poetry should be a narrative poem of up to 32 lines. Entries must be sent by email to [email protected], before June 1st. Young people entering the Quarterly Writing Contest should send in their entries between June 20 and July 1 on the topic “Some of my favorite things”.

Fall sports registration

The Western Benton County Boys & Girls Club is now accepting entries for all fall sports. Early registration will last until May and will last all summer. Parents can register their child online or find more information at The registration cost is $ 60 per child.

Sports on offer include cheering in Kindergarten to Grade 7, women’s volleyball in Grades 3 through 6, flag football in Kindergarten to Grade 6, and tackle football in Grades 2 through 6. The Boys & Girls Club will also be offering free Under Armor cleats to all registered football players from 9 a.m. to noon on May 22 at the club, located at 655 Heritage Court in Siloam Springs. Players must be registered no later than May 22, limited number of colors and sizes available.

Reopening of the center for the elderly

The Siloam Springs Senior Wellness and Activity Center reopened on May 3. New hours are 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Masks are mandatory, even for those who are vaccinated, and six-foot social distancing will be enforced. Upon entering the building, temperatures will be taken and hand hygiene will be required. Meals in the building will be from 11:45 am to 12:30 pm Reservations are required due to the limited number of places. Call 479-524-5735 before 10 a.m. The center will continue to offer curbside meals for pickup, but the new deadline is 11 am to 11:30 am Please visit the centre’s Facebook page to complete reopening instructions.

Celebrate recovery

Celebrate Recovery meets every Thursday at 6:30 pm at The Assembly, 2909 Cheri Whitlock Dr. Celebrate Recovery is a program for people with all kinds of habits and blockages. Anyone wishing more information can contact Rhonda Gentry at 479-215-6311.

Master naturalists accepting applications

The Northwest Arkansas Chapter of the Arkansas Master Naturalists is accepting applications for upcoming training. Training for 2021 will take place via Zoom, with approximately 50 hours of virtual lectures and interpreted hiking videos. Trainees have the choice of attending Saturday morning or Wednesday evening classes, each lasting three to four hours. Small-group and social distance field times are also planned. For more information, visit

American Legion Bingo

Every Monday evening, except the first Monday of every month, there is American Legion Bingo at the American Legion Community Hall (Community Building) in downtown Siloam Springs. Doors open at 5:00 pm and early bird games start at 5:30 pm, followed by regular games at 6:30 pm Participants must be 18 to play for real money, but young families are welcome. The prices of the games are very reasonable and the chances of winning are great. There are various prizes for which tickets can be purchased, including raffles and 50/50 draws. The Female Auxiliary offers concession items for sale. Covid protocols are in place.

Bookstore at the library

The Library Bookstore is open Mondays from 10 am to 6.30 pm; Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturdays from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm The bookstore solicits donations of good second-hand books, CDs and DVDs. For very large donations, an appointment is necessary; please call 479-524-6074 and leave a reminder message. The bookstore has good books in all genres for all ages, CDs and DVDs, most under $ 2. Everyone is invited with mandatory masks and a limit of two customers or one family group allowed in the store at a time.

The Friends of the Library, which operates the bookstore, seeks out and welcomes new members who wish to join their organization and continue its mission by volunteering or raising funds. Membership information is available at the library.

Tornado siren test

The town of Siloam Springs has changed the outdoor warning system test day to 1 p.m. on the first Monday of the month. In the past, the tests took place on Fridays. Testing on the first Monday will give city staff time to make repairs immediately if they are needed. If cloudy weather, rain or other inclement weather occurs on a test day, the tests will be delayed by one day, until they are completed.

Training of SSRH auxiliary volunteers

The Siloam Springs Regional Hospital Auxiliary is looking for volunteer volunteers for the Information Desk, Obstetrics Department, Radiology Department, Surgical Department and Material Management. The auxiliary offers the possibility of helping the community by working three or four hours a week. Stop by the hospital reception for a request or call Donna Conger for more information at 479-373-6428.

Comments from firefighters

The Siloam Springs Fire Department is offering an Emergency Medical Services Customer Survey that will allow people who have been treated by a city ambulance to provide honest and confidential feedback on their experience. Customers can provide valuable information and feedback on the performance of the fire department.

“Our goal is to constantly strive to improve the quality of service we provide to citizens,” said Jeremey Criner, Siloam Springs Fire Chief. “The feedback we receive will be an integral part of our quality improvement program.”

If you have had any interaction with the City’s EMS teams, please take a few minutes to complete the EMS Customer Survey located on the Fire Department page of the City’s website, .

Dogwood Literacy Council

It is gratifying to be able to help those who are trying to improve their literacy skills in order to help their families. The Dogwood Literacy Council needs more volunteers who would like to become tutors. Training and materials will be provided. For more information, contact Charlie at 479-524-4009.

Make your home safe and accessible

Kind at Heart Ministries offers help to make homes “safe and accessible” with building ramps, widened doors and handrails. Financial assistance may be available. For more information, contact 479-373-6281 between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. or by email [email protected]

Manna Center Thrift Store

The Manna Center Thrift Store now accepts credit and debit cards for purchases of $ 10 or more to facilitate customer shopping. The store is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday and from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday. Customers can like the thrift store on Facebook or stop by and see what the dollar item is for the week. Anything older than a month is half the price. The Manna Center is located at 670 Heritage Court, behind the Senior Activity and Wellness Center on Tulsa Street.

Tailwaggers is looking for volunteers, donations

Tailwaggers are looking for volunteers to walk the dogs and socialize the cats at the town’s animal shelter. They also need donations of chewies, raw hides, cat toys and dog harnesses for the animal shelter. Donations can be dropped off at the Animal Shelter located at 1300 E. Ashley St. Call 238-3612 for more information.

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The “Peaches” of Presidents of the United States of America: A Great Meme Tue, 08 Jun 2021 16:20:00 +0000

Peaches put in a box

Peaches put in a box
Photo: AFP via Getty Images

Even before memes were a form of mainstream communication, The Presidents Of The United States Of America and their self-titled debut album had all the makings for viral success. That first record was filled with pop-punk earworms filled with absurd lyrics that fans – and listeners who heard the songs on the radio – ate. Between the group’s bizarre style and the later music video for “Weird Al” Yankovic’s “Gump“(a parody of PUSA”Piece“), the band was a hit, at least in my elementary school. Any summer day in 1996, you could hear a school bus full of kids on their way to a football game screaming the most chorus. famous album: “Millions of peaches / Peaches for me.” However, not everyone understood it: Weekly entertainment called the album “a turgid amalgamation of Fugazi and Green Day [that] lacks both the muscle and melody of its predecessors. This is not entirely wrong. PUSA bears similarities to these two bands, but their bass-heavy guitar styles lean more towards Primus, while the lyrics are straightforward They Might Be Giants. Nonetheless, it was the playfulness that teenagers of the time probably still remember. If the track had been released today, it would have been all over social media; instead, the song’s nostalgia is.

It took a while, but in late May PUSA went viral when filmmaker Jessica Ellis tweetedA good way to differentiate the older from the younger from the younger is to yell ‘PEACHES COME FROM A CAN’ and see what happens. Ellis tapped into something paramount to “geriatric millennials,” as the age group in their late 30s and early 40s has recently (and sadly) been dubbed. “Peaches come from a can” – and the follow-up lyrics, “they were put there by a man” – went from an obscure bite of ’90s nostalgia to a trending meme within hours.

“Peaches” might not be a perfect song, but it’s memorable. In addition, he has the ideal elements to become a powerful meme and boy, has been “Peacheseven‘re. Dr Shane Tilton, Associate Professor of Writing and Multimedia Studies at Ohio Northern University and author of the forthcoming book The life of memes, attributes the prevalence of pop music in memes to four strengths: formula, performance, meaning, and social experience. “Most [pop songs] are built on a formula, ”says Tilton. “They are limited in time. They tend to have the same types of chords and musical construction. It is something that is easy to take apart. Deconstructing pieces of culture and mixing them with others is crucial for internet mashups. The easier it is for Internet users to break them down, the faster they spread. Not only is “Peaches” a very tightly written song, but its lyrics leave the door wide open to visual media. Is it hard to find a box of peaches on Google?

But a meme has to mean something to an audience – even non-sequiturs have to have contextual sense to get actions. As Tilton says, pop songs have sensory significance, evoking a place and a time for the listener. “I can tell you where I was the first time I heard ‘Closing time ‘by Semisonic. The song has kind of meaning to me. Every time I hear it, I kind of remember where I was. Through memes, fans communicate this quality of transport, allowing subscribers to convey this “summer 96” vibe. “You’re trying to communicate that feeling,” Tilton says. “You’re trying to communicate something that you’ve been through, and the song is the closest way to express that meaning an audience could understand.

Nostalgia is a big theme in memes, but it’s how they communicate that feeling that matters. It closely matches what Ellis says. “I have loved the song since I was a teenager. It came out when I was 13, ”said Ellis The AV Club on Twitter. “I have always associated [it] with that particular era of mid-90s music that was very abstract lyrically and had a harder alternative rock side that made people very uncool like me very cool. His tweet also touches on another of Tilton’s strengths: Pop songs are performative and fit nicely into Twitter prompts like Ellis’ tweet. Tilton says it reminds him of the long haul inhale seagull format, a macro image that shows the feeling of screaming a favorite song. “When you hear the first words, you can shout them,” he said. “Pop songs are built that way. They are designed to be easily accessible to an audience and they are designed to be sung. This screaming bird is not much different from the performance of the song in karaoke.

It’s common for these types of resurgences to happen around pop songs, especially ones that are so tied to place and time. At the end of last year, other mid-90s pop-punks Eve 6 and their famous “heart in a blenderThe song (“Inside Out”) became internet fodder, helping their self-deprecating singer become a Twitter celebrity in the process. Regardless of genre, idiosyncratic lyrics (like “heart in a blender” or “Peaches come from a can / They were put there by a man”) make great memes. Doja Cat had her first big hit with “Mooo!” a song where she dreams of being a cow. After the track was released, image formats similar to the inhaling seagull, such as “Increase the volume, ”Were captioned with“ Bitch, I’m a cow. I am not a cat. I don’t meow. Fans taking their love from absurd lyrics and imbuing them with meaning allow them to laugh at the song and at themselves while asking their audience if they feel the same way.

This brings us back to Tilton’s final memes strength classification: Memes are a social experiment. When people share a tweet like Ellis’s or Justin Timberlake’s “It’s gonna be May“they don’t just share their appreciation for the song, they help solidify and change the meaning of the song. For someone who has never heard” Peaches “and doesn’t share that nostalgia, the lyrics of the song become an expression of joy, transforming the meme and what it communicates. For example, when TikToker Nathan Apodaca’s video, which featured itself skating on a freeway while sipping an Ocean Spray and syncing to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”, there was a two-pronged effect. the song has entered the Billboard graphics, worn by old and new listeners. It also changed the meaning many associate with “Dreams”: what was once a song about a breakup is now one about liberation, a carefree vibe that thousands of people were ready to share in their own way.

Lots of songs on Presidents of the United States of America have similar potential. Perhaps the album’s other hit single, “Lump”, would have inspired remixes, if America Online had been a bit more robust when “Weird Al” first released “Gump”. The opener, “Kitty“, which highlights the delicate relationship between man and cat, features a meow chorus that sits right next to” Mooo! “as a silly novelty song that itches the itch of online culture for l nonsense. (To say nothing of the internet’s obsession with the cat’s mysteriously malicious mind, the song is perfectly suited for social media consumption.) But there is something about “Peaches.” C perhaps the Internet’s interest in fruit in general, whether in the form of an emoji or a scene of Call me by your name. Plus, it’s such an evocative song that creating an article doesn’t require a lot of mental flexion.

By taking the alt-rock formulas of the time and loading them with absurdity, the Presidents of the United States of America were able to ensure their immortality, both in the hearts of older millennials and online. “For a meme to be successful, it has to be derivative. There are thousands of pop songs that have been produced, and very few have that second life, ”says Tilton. “The reason is that there is something unique or different that catches the interest of an audience or a content creator. “Peaches” might be a frivolous little pop song, but its magic lies in its bizarre details, a specific feeling she conjures up that only she can provide. “It’s a very strange song,” says Ellis. “You shouldn’t be able to swing so hard on the chorus you’re singing over stone fruit, but you do, and this silliness is so much fun. You don’t sing this song; you shout it. And when you can’t scream, yourself.

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Southington to restart Music on the Green next month Mon, 07 Jun 2021 21:46:00 +0000

SOUTHINGTON – Music on the Green will return next month after a year off due to the pandemic.

Live music in Southington town center will begin on July 7th.

“We will be doing this every Wednesday night for nine weeks until September 1,” said David Lapreay, the city’s recreation director.

Music is scheduled from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday is rainy day every week.

Music on the green usually starts earlier in the season, but Lapreay said he was waiting for the pandemic restrictions to be lifted. There is now no limit on the size of the crowd outside, which was a difficult thing to enforce for downtown recreation officials.

“It’s hard to watch, people can come in from any direction,” Lapreay said.

The accompanying auto show in the nearby Bank of American parking lot will also resume next month.

Lapreay said there was a lot of interest from residents as well as sponsors to take over Music on the Green.

Lapreay has also been impressed with businesses and organizations keen to sponsor musical evenings despite the upheaval of the pandemic.

“They came back in force, ready to go. We are very grateful for that, ”he said. “Our sponsors have really stepped up this year.

This season will kick off with The Legends of Country Music, a classic country band. The rest of the July lineup is Rick Larrimore & Atlantic Crossing, a Rod Stewart tribute band; The Sam Vinci Orchestra, playing Italian and American classics; and The Glamor Girls playing dance hits from the 1940s to today.

Jerry Limmer, concert coordinator, said he is frequently asked if the musical series is returning.

“I can’t go anywhere without answering this question,” he said. “No matter where I go, I could walk out of town and they would recognize me.”

With fewer weeks, Limmer said he was able to book high-end groups and touring groups.

“Performance is going to be better,” Limmer said. “It will be performing groups.”

He said the concert series had treated musicians well over the years and was designed for a good midweek event. While some had asked to move the shows to a weekend or Friday night, Limmer said he wanted to offer people something mid-week.

“It breaks these people’s weeks. Its good. It’s not like a late night, ”he said. “It works.”

For more information on the bands performing, visit

jbuchanan@record-journal.com203-317-2230Twitter: @JBuchananRJ

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Seymour Main Street Receives National Accreditation Mon, 07 Jun 2021 06:19:13 +0000

Seymour Main Street was recently designated as an accredited Main Street program for another year.

The Seymour organization is in its 26th year, but this is its third year as a nationally accredited organization, said Bri Roll, who has served as executive director of Seymour Main Street since July 2020.

“One of the benefits of being accredited is the eligibility to use the Main Street America name and logo,” Roll said. “In addition, eligibility to apply for the Great American Main Street Awards and other special awards and grant programs. “

Roll said the Seymour Main Street organization is very happy to be nationally accredited for another year.

“We are at the Main Street America community level, which is the highest level for an organization,” she said.

Main Street’s national community accreditation criteria includes broad community support, vision and mission statements, a comprehensive work plan, and an ethic of historic preservation.

In addition, an active board and committees, an adequate operating budget, a paid professional program manager on the main street, a continuing education program, reports on key statistics and membership in the network of the main Street.

Each year, Main Street America and its partners announce the list of accredited programs to recognize their exceptional commitment to preservation-based economic development and community revitalization through the Main Street approach.

“We are proud to recognize this year the 889 nationally accredited Main Street programs that have worked tirelessly to advance the economic vitality and quality of life in their city centers and commercial districts,” said Patrice Frey, President and CEO of Main Street America.

“During an incredibly difficult year, these programs demonstrated the power of the Main Street movement to lead impressive local revival efforts, advocate for small businesses and foster vibrant inner-city neighborhoods,” said Frey. “I am inspired by their hard work and confident that these accredited communities will continue to help their inner cities thrive in the next stages of the recovery. “

In 2020, Main Street America’s programs generated $ 4.14 billion in local reinvestment, helped open 4,356 net new businesses, generated 14,988 net new jobs, catalyzed the rehabilitation of 8,488 historic buildings and totaled 983,702 hours volunteering.

Seymour Main Street’s performance is evaluated annually by Indiana Main Street, which works in partnership with Main Street America to identify local programs that meet 10 National Performance Standards.

The assessment criteria determine which communities build meaningful and sustainable revitalization programs and include standards such as promoting strong public-private partnerships, documenting programmatic progress, and actively preserving historic buildings.

Over the past 40 years, Main Street America has helped revitalize older and historic shopping districts. It is now a network of over 1,600 neighborhoods and communities, rural and urban, who share both a commitment to place and to build stronger communities through preservation-driven economic development.

Roll and the Seymour Main Street organization are happy to plan activities for the community, especially after so many events were canceled last year due to the pandemic.

The next event will be the Downtown Shop / Chalk Around from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday.

In early July, an announcement to name the 2021 lineup Dancing with the Seymour Stars, Roll said.

On June 17th, CityJam will be from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. with the tribute band Jimmy Buffett Parrots of the Caribbean.

“We will be donating necklaces and encouraging everyone to dress in their luau outfit that night,” Roll said.

CityJam performances are scheduled through September with the group Naked Karate Girls on stage on July 15, country artist Sweet Tea Trio from Nashville on August 19, and the Nashville Yacht Club Band on September 16. All performances take place at the JCB Pavilion at Crossroads Community Park. .

CityJam is open to the public at no cost. Food and drinks will be available for purchase at each performance.

On the Web

For more information, visit or

]]> 0 Live Music “Mistreated” During Pandemic Slowly Making A Return To Kansas City | KCUR 89.3 Sun, 06 Jun 2021 10:00:00 +0000

As the afternoon turned into a Friday night, Shenya Robinson and two friends sat on lawn chairs under the sky bridge in the shade of Union Station.

It was Robinson’s birthday, and she celebrated with her first live concert since the COVID-19 pandemic changed almost everything for everyone.

“I’m super excited to be back,” said Robinson. “Live music is just a part of life for me.”

Like many music lovers, Robinson needed the relief that only live music can provide. And more than three weeks after Kansas City, Missouri, ditched his face mask and social distancing rules indoors, the announcements of the president that the country will have enough vaccines for all adults by the end of May encourage him to find it.

Robinson, who lives in Lenexa, said she has no hesitation in going out this weekend. She didn’t even bring a mask.

“On a beautiful day like today, it’s just the perfect way to end an s —– week,” she said.

Judith Appollis didn’t think much before joining Friday’s crowd at Union Station for Troostival’s first pop-up concert. The show featured hip hop groups Black creatures and Brass and Boujee, a big band of 18 musicians led by rappers Kemet the Phantom and Kadesh Flow.

“The type of audience that I go out and associate with – mainly my age group, very responsible people. So I’m sure most of them, I guess, are fully vaccinated, ”she said.

Appollis, 61, is a jazz and big band fanatic, and has ventured to her favorite place, The Phoenix, as soon as they started having shows again.

“It was great because in the beginning they were still doing social distancing with the chairs and everything, so you felt a little bit protected. But now they’re at full capacity, so we’re sitting almost back to back, ”said Appollis.

Luc X. Martin

Jade Green, of The Black Creatures, took the stage on Friday night for Troostival’s first pop-up concert.

She summed up what many were feeling in the mostly unmasked crowd.

“I don’t think it’s completely, completely back to normal because there’s still that caution, you know?” This apprehension, this “is it really?” »», She declared.


Lemonade park has been one of the city’s most popular outdoor operations since it opened during the pandemic.

The safety-focused entertainment venue is a partnership between Wes Gartner and Jill Myers, of Voltaire and Moxie Catering, and Steve Tulipana and Shawn Sherrill, who also co-own the RecordBar and MiniBar live entertainment joints.

The two indoor venues have mostly been dormant for more than a year, Tulipana said.

“I loved what we got to do at Lemonade Park,” said Tulipana. “It’s definitely putting money in the pockets of groups and money in the pockets of our employees, but the numbers that we do there – it’s the livelihood.”

Also, he said, outdoor concerts just aren’t the same as indoors, where you can get immersed in the music, the audience, and the vibe.

“It’s really magical for people who really love music, and we miss it sorely,” said Tulipana.

A man stands outside and gazes into a fenced-in outdoor music room with picnic tables, a DJ booth, a projection screen, and a flatbed truck converted to a stage.

Luc X. Martin

Lemonade Park in the West Bottoms is designed with distancing in mind. “Technically, we could sell a lot more tickets,” said co-owner Steve Tulipana. “But I think we still want to honor the people who invested in these shows, who wanted to have an environment where people weren’t on top of each other.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 42% of Missourians have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, with 47% of Kansans.

Tulipana said that as vaccination rates increase across the country, bands are increasingly telling agents they are ready to book live concerts again.

“I see a lot of events in July,” he said. “We are announcing a lot of things, and a lot of people are going back on tour.”

If the share price of live nation concert company is any indication, Tulipana isn’t alone in believing Americans are keen to see the return of live music. Actions for this company reached an all-time high in March, and have been hovering there ever since.

But the fate of many places, RecordBar included, is not guaranteed. Tulipana said he was still waiting to hear about his request for federal assistance.

“And if that doesn’t happen, we’ll have to bring the business down three times, when all of our inactive loans and everything that paid our rent for last year comes due,” he said.

The musicians

“I actually just attended my first (live show) since the pandemic,” said Kevin morby, who spent part of his childhood in Kansas City and moved there again in 2017, having made a name for himself on the indie and folk rock stages.

The band was Heartless Bastards, the venue was the Mohawk in Austin, Texas.

“It was kind of like on a whim,” he said, “and it was so awesome. It was such an amazing experience.

Since the pandemic subsided, Morby has booked his first performances: three nights at Tulipana’s Lemonade Park, which was full days in advance. Morby will take the stage with Waxahatchee, Katie Crutchfield’s indie music project, every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings.

The two have lived together since before the novel coronavirus took hold of the world.

“I think people really want, really need the return of live music,” he said.

Morby has plans for outdoor shows and festivals throughout the summer and does not plan to transition to indoor work until fall, provided outbreaks remain rare.

“I think it’s a huge blessing that we can all keep in touch… through the internet,” he said. “But I think the spontaneity (of live music) is exactly what everyone craves, and now we’re starting to see it coming back.”


Luc X. Martin

Rappers Kemet the Phantom, foreground, and Kadesh Flow have teamed up with Marcus Lewis Big Band to form Brass and Boujee. The group performed outside Kansas City Union Station on Friday.

Other signs of normalcy are also appearing. Reviving a long-standing tradition of live music, a member of the band at Friday’s Troostival event urged audiences to come closer to the stage.

“Now it looks like a concert! He said into the microphone, as dozens of plastic chair legs simultaneously spun across the concrete.

“We have a mobile scene that allows us to go anywhere in the country… so we thought, why not start now by spreading the good news about the amazing black musical talent here in Kansas City,” said Kemet Coleman, known on stage as Kemet the Phantom, in a pre-show interview. “We have also gotten through this COVID pandemic a bit, and we are now in a position to celebrate. “

Coleman is also the founder of Troostival, a festival in October aimed at amplifying black creatives while fighting racial injustice. Not only is he hoping to see this main event unfold as usual this fall, but Coleman has plans for two more pop-up events in June as well.

“If anyone has a place they want to see a pop-up, we’re open to that,” he said. “We would like to take him to KCK, we would like to take him to Overland Park, other more suburban areas.”

On coronavirus precautions, Coleman said he would follow all city guidelines this weekend and for the foreseeable future.

“We encourage people to keep a little social distance, by encouraging people to bring their own chairs,” he said. “But, you know, obviously, if you’re feeling sick, please stay home.”

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Craig Allen says: Meet Greg Kihn Sat, 05 Jun 2021 18:30:13 +0000

The Greg Kihn Band was founded by singer Greg Kihn and bassist Steve Wright. And although the lineup has changed over the years, the band is still touring (before COVID) today.

Greg Kihn began his musical career in Baltimore. He started writing songs and performing in local cafes while in high school. At the age of 17, Kihn’s mother entered one of her original songs in a talent competition sponsored by one of the top 40 local radio stations. Greg Kihn won … and received a typewriter, a stack of records and a Vox electric guitar.

Kihn moved to Berkeley, California in 1972. He began painting houses to pay the bills, while singing in the streets and working behind the counter of a record store.

In 1973, Kihn was signed to Beserkley Records and helped shape the overall sound of the company: mellow pop, with a sound from the 60s. His recorded debut took place on a compilation album.

In the bicentennial year (1976), Kihn recorded his first album with his own group, The Greg Kihn Band, composed of Ronnie Dunbar (guitar), Steve Wright (bass) and Larry Lynch (drums). The composition of the group will change several times over the coming years.

During the rest of the 1970s, the band released an album every year …

“Encore” from 1977. (Photo by Craig Allen)

… and builds a sequel …

“Encore” back cover. (Photo by Craig Allen)

… by constant tours.

“Beside Kihn”, 1978. (Photo by Craig Allen)

In 1981, Kihn landed his first hit on the charts (# 15/1981) …

… and one of “New Jersey’s greatest hits” with “The Breakup Song (They Don’t Write ‘Em)”.

Discover Greg Kihn playing his first hit LIVE New Jersey

… at the Capitol Theater in Passaic, in 1984.

Back to the musical timeline:

“Happy Man” (# 62) and “Every Love Song” (# 82) were released in 1982.

Kihn’s music had a more commercial sound in the 1980s, with puns albums: Rockihnroll (1981), Kihntinued (1982), Kihnspiracy (1983), Kihntageous (1984) …

“Citizen Kihn”, 1985. (Photo by Craig Allen)

… and Citizen Kihn (1985).

Greg Kihn made his mark biggest success with “Jeopardy” (# 2/1983).

The video was a favorite of MTV, one of the first “concept” videos, with its theme “Night Of The Living Dead”.

Weird Al Yankovic usurped Kihn’s biggest hit, with “I Lost On Jeopardy”.

Enjoy Greg Kihn’s cameo in the Weird Al video.

Once again (above) Greg Kihn rocked New Jersey in 1984.

Follow-up releases for “Jeopardy” included: “Love Never Fails” (# 59/1983), “Lucky” (# 30/1985) and “Love And Rock And Roll” (# 92/1986).

Kihn continued to tour throughout the 1980s, opening arena-sized shows for Journey, The Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones, among others. He also appeared on TV shows of the time, including Solid Gold, American Bandstand, and Saturday Night Live.

Greg Kihn returned to Baltimore to record a pair of solo acoustic albums: “Mutiny” (1994) and “Horror Show” in 1996.

The Greg Kihn group continues (pre-COVID) …

… with a background that includes Greg’s son, Ry Kihn, on lead guitar.

Greg Kihn was inducted into the Rock Hall Of Fame in San Jose, California in 2007.

In 2012, Kihn left the airwaves of San Francisco radio after years of waking up at 4 a.m. to do a morning show (I’m even up earlier than that, when I host a morning show, so I can … relate).

Also check out Greg Kihn on Facebook. Click on here.

Without a doubt, this Jersey pilot …

But, we PLAY them like that. (Photo by Craig Allen)

… is a fan of Greg Kihn.

We’re also here at New Jersey 101.5 and

WATCH: Here are America’s 50 Best Beach Towns

Each seaside town has its own set of pros and cons, which got us thinking about what makes a seaside town the best place to live. For the knowledge, Stacker consulted WalletHub data, published on June 17, 2020, which compares American seaside towns. Ratings are based on six categories: affordability, weather, safety, economy, education and health, and quality of life. The towns had a population of 10,000 to 150,000, but they had to have at least one local beach listed on TripAdvisor. Read it full methodology here. From these rankings, we selected the top 50. Readers who live in California and Florida won’t be surprised to learn that many of the cities featured here are in one of these two states.

Read on to see if your favorite beach town has made the cut.

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Nevada bans racist mascots and “sunset sirens” Fri, 04 Jun 2021 22:46:00 +0000

Steve marcus

Football players practice in the modernized weight room at Western High School on Monday, June 10, 2013. Chaparral and Western High School football programs have received $ 500,000 donations to upgrade everything from weight room with field equipment and new uniforms.

CARSON CITY – Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak on Friday signed a bill ordering local school boards to ban “racially discriminatory” mascots, logos and names as part of a nationwide movement to phase out the use of symbols that Native Americans have long considered offensive.

The bill, which was passed by the Legislature last month, could affect up to 20 schools in Clark County, including Western High School, where the mascot is a Native American wearing a headdress. It will not apply to universities or schools that have agreements with local tribes like Elko High School, which in 1994 obtained permission from the Elko Band Council of the Te-Moak Tribe of the Shoshone Indians. of the West to use “Indians” as a mascot.

It also demands that the Nevada State Board of Geographic Names recommend that the federal government rename all geographic features and places with offensive names. The measure will also force cities to stop sounding sirens before sunset. The practice is rooted in historic Native American “sunset ordinances” that required non-whites to leave half an hour after a siren sounded in the evening. Northern Nevada towns like Minden in Douglas County continue to sound sirens decades after the ordinances were repealed.

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‘American Idol’ winner playing a Bob Seger tribute show at the North Charleston Distillery | Charleston scene Fri, 04 Jun 2021 16:00:00 +0000

Bob Seger’s ninth studio album “Night Moves” was released in 1976 as a sentimental summer hangover record full of familiar feelings and steeped in blues rock and roll.

Exactly 30 years later, Taylor hicks won the fifth season of the “American Idol” singing contest show, beating fellow favorites Chris Daughtry, Kellie Pickler and Katharine McPhee with her covers of the blues, rock and pop of the Seger – Bruce era Springsteen to Elton John.

Now he’s playing a tribute show in North Charleston in honor of the ’76 album which helped inspire his love for music. Hicks will perform the outdoor concert at Firefly Distillery June 12.

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“I grew up studying Bob Seger and learning to write very rootsy songs,” said the former “Idol” champion. “It’s just his thing. As a songwriter, a lot of my songs over the years have lent themselves to that sort of thing as well. It makes sense all around.”

Hicks, who last performed in Charleston over half a decade ago when he served with the North Mississippi All Stars at Home For, bounced between the tribute performances of Van Morrison, Joe Cocker and Bob Seger – a trifecta that blends with his singing style.

His original music has been on the back burner, at least as a studio album, for over a decade. Hicks’ latest record, “The Distance,” came out four years after winning “American Idol” and sold 13 times fewer copies than his eponymous platinum album which was still spinning round in a circle. new TV show in 2006.

As Kellie Pickler toured with Taylor Swift and the Rascal Flatts, and Chris Daughtry cut his first name off and formed a popular traveling rock band, Hicks’ label abandoned him and he played “Teen Angel” in comedy. traveling musical “Grease”.

“We all knew at that point that ‘American Idol’ was ultimately going to lead us to a long career,” Hicks said, saying the label’s downfall was a mutual decision. “But being able to navigate all of these waters is tricky. Fortunately, it’s a marathon for me and not a sprint.”

Hicks hasn’t stopped playing music the whole time. But in addition, he adopted other interests.

Among them was the acting profession, something he was passionate about and which he began to follow after his crash course in the entertainment world behind the scenes of “Idol”.

“I always had a vision very early on to be an artist, but I really didn’t know what that necessarily meant,” Hicks said.

Food also joined his list of passions when he co-owned a barbecue in Birmingham, Alabama.

Saw’s Juke Joint’s Sweet Tea Fried Chicken Sandwich gives Hicks as much joy as strumming his guitar or adopting a character on camera.

“Chik-fil-A, eat your heart!” Hicks proclaimed his favorite food at the restaurant.

Folly Beach Songwriter's Soapbox Builds Confidence In Acoustic Artists

He said a real appreciation for food emerged on these early tours after “American Idol”.

“When you’re on tour with a band, you also do food tours,” Hicks said. “They go hand in hand.”

Promoting the barbecue is a bit like promoting hit songs, he added, and it doesn’t hurt that live music is a big part of Saw’s – “a feast for the soul, ears and palate “.

Hicks is racing to take major action in 2021.

James Island Band Wins Trident United Way Singing Fundraiser, $ 11,000 in Prizes

He has a role in the upcoming movie “Stars Fell on Alabama” and has finished recording a brand new album in Zac Brown’s studio. South Land Nashville.

“It’s kind of like Chris Stapleton and Jackson Brown have a baby,” Hicks hinted at his sound on the next album. “It’s better than any record I’ve made, and it took me 10 years to do it.”

One of his original new favorites, “Six Strings and Diamond Rings,” will likely make its way into the Firefly set list, Hicks said.

Reach Kalyn Oyer at 843-371-4469. Follow her on Twitter @sound_wavves.

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