Cassadee Pope talks about new pop-punk influence song “Tomorrow Night” (exclusive)

Cassadee has captured the hearts of millions of people with her victorious run on The voice Season 3 in 2012 and his subsequent solo albums Image by Image (2013) and Steps (2019). Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, she has worked hard, recording the acoustic output of 2020 Rise and shine and his next album PROSPER (released October 15). However, before all of this, she was the lead singer of Hey Monday, a successful pop-punk group with singles like “Back home” and “How do you love me now.” At PROSPER, she has combined her pop-punk roots with the country sound that she has worked hard to perfect since launching her solo career, with excellent results.

The perfect accent of this is “Tomorrow Night”, Pope’s new single which was just released on Friday. It’s an upbeat Weezer-inspired cut that combines rock sounds with a country radio-ready hook. We chatted with 32-year-old Pope about how the track came together with help from co-writers Devin Guisande and Aaron Chafin and producers Nick Wheeler (guitarist of The All American Rejects) and Karen Fairchild (of Little Big Town). The singer-songwriter has performed on other upcoming tracks as well. PROSPER. Scroll down to read our Q&A with Cassadee Pope, which can also be viewed as a video above.

PC: I’m really interested in the process of writing this new song. I know you did a lot of your new album on Zoom. What was the editing process for “Tomorrow Night”?

Cassadee: Yes my boy. I don’t know what I would have done without Zoom last year because I wrote the whole album on Zoom. This session for “Tomorrow Night” was with my friends, Devin Guisande and Aaron Chafin. And I was always going in a zoom session prepared because I was a little nervous, maybe the mood would be turned off, or I just didn’t have the experience of writing online. And so I always came up with an idea.

And this session, I came up with the chorus of “Tomorrow Night”, actually. So we had a great launch pad. The guys were in it. I had a fairly clear vision of it. I wanted him to move in a kind of Weezer direction when it comes to production, and keeping him pretty in the middle, very easy to digest when it comes to the lyrics. And really lean into the anticipation of starting to date someone and the fact that you just want to see them all the time and don’t want to wait.

So the song kind of fell into place really quickly after that. And we went into the studio, we brought the session band in there. We didn’t really stray from the demo because Aaron did the demo in an incredible way. And I loved the way it sounded. It was very raw and rough around the edges. So I wanted to keep the finished product that way. And yes, it came out exactly what I had hoped it would look like. My producer Nick Wheeler and co-producer Karen Fairchild were awesome co-pilots on this. And yes, it has become one of my favorite songs on the record. So I’m excited it’s a single.

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What was the creative process like with Nick, considering you both come from similar musical backgrounds?

It was so cool. I mean, we toured together briefly in 2010 with Fall Out Boy in Australia and New Zealand, I think. And I didn’t really hook up with him that much because it was kind of a big tour, and I was just doing press everyday because it was Hey Monday’s first time there. So I didn’t really get to see him much. Fast forward to last year … In fact, before that date, at the end of 2019, Hey Monday did a reunion show and someone told me Nick was living here, and I was like, ” Oh, he’s got to come and play, songs from All-American Rejects. ” So he did. We got along so well, and he was so nice. And then the pandemic struck. I told my editor what kind of album I wanted to write. I wanted to go more in the way of pop punk with my country influence. And she mentioned Nick. And I was like, “Oh yeah, this guy lives here now. It’s so cool.”

So we started writing on Zoom. We wrote a few songs that ended up on the record. And I was getting his demos back and they looked so crazy. I was like, I could take them out tomorrow and be happy. So I just thought, I think it’s the producer. And so I asked him to do it and he said, yeah, but I also wanted to make sure that I would always keep my country’s foot in the door, because I worked so hard to make my way through this city, and in this industry, and I love country music. It has always been a part of me. So I asked Karen Fairchild to co-produce. So I have the impression that my two worlds that make me who I am, the pop punk world and the country world, come together to make the sound. And everyone has been great to collaborate with. But yeah, it’s cool to be back with Nick. And so much has happened to both of us since 2010, obviously. So we had a great time catching up and remembering the good old days.

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What has it been like for you as an artist to be able to combine these two passions, pop punk and country? Was it liberating at all?

He is. I mean, I feel more like myself than I’ve ever felt. And it’s really one of the first projects, and it was kind of like that for my album last year, Rise and Shine, where it’s just acoustic, and I just released it because it was the right time for something like this. But this is the first project where I really get started without trying to … I have goals in mind. I would love to continue growing my touring crowd and playing in bigger venues, but other than that I’m not going for country radio. I am not going for the recognition of the awards. I’m just doing a project that I think is totally and completely me. If anything I learned last year was that I needed to be just myself.

And yes, in any industry there are people who are trying to make you something that you are not. And for me when I came to this city a few years ago, I really solidified myself in the rock world. So I was trying to prove to everyone that I am a country artist. I went all the way in that direction, and sometimes I was told to really hide my rock side to prove it. So I really had to unlearn that over the years. It kind of sticks to you even after you’ve left the label or broken up with a team you’ve been with for a long time. But I think I landed in a place where I realized it didn’t matter if I’m in Nashville, LA, New York, I still have to do what’s genuine to me. And so far he seems to be talking to people. My fans dig because they know this is who I am, and I can’t go wrong with them. I have never. And so it feels good. I feel like I’m entering a path that I can really sell and don’t have to put in so much effort. It’s cool.

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Can you tell us about other tracks that you are passionate about on “THRIVE”?

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Oh my God. Yes. There are so many. I mean, I say a lot of things that I feel like I said on social media, but I’ve never said it in a song. So I’m definitely strengthening my stance on some things when it comes to my opinions, core values, and what I believe in. So there’s a song called “Mind Your Own” on the record that I wrote with Nick, it’s about people judging people’s lifestyles when they should, if they were. happy, they would mind their own business. It’s the catchphrase of the song. But I think I’m the most excited for … well, I’m excited about it all, but the last song is a song that I wrote 100% myself, and it’s acoustic.

And I wanted to end the album on a song that I wrote myself that made a lot of sense, because I ended our first album with, Hey Monday with the song that I wrote myself that had a lot of sense. Acoustic. So I kind of take the hat off to those days. And also just, I wanted to show people my growth as a songwriter. I love to co-write, and I think I tend to write with people who are much better than me at being able to learn and grow, but I wanted to show people how much I got on my own by writing. So I’m glad people are hearing the last track, in particular.

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It all sounds incredible. I’m super excited for this. “THRIVE” is coming soon, and “Tomorrow Night” is now available. Thank you very much for speaking with us, Cassadee. Is there anything else you would like to tell PopCulture fans and readers?

Oh my God, you have supported me so much over the years, and I just appreciate it. I appreciate that you have taken this new direction and that you are just here. I think as an artist it’s super scary to release a new project. And when you’ve got people who want to talk about it, who want to promote it, and who want to read, or watch, or whatever, PopCulture fans have always been a great support. So that means a lot, and it lets me know that there is an audience there, and that people are listening. So thanks.

You can listen to “Tomorrow Night” here. Pre-orders for PROSPER are also live, which can be found here. Our full interview with Cassadee Pope is available at the top of this article. This Q-and-A has been reformatted and edited for clarity.


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