BTS fans are ‘furious’ after the South Korean boy band didn’t win group performance award

BTS fans are “furious” after the South Korean boy band failed to win group performance at the 2022 Grammy Awards.

The group consisting of Jungkook, V, Park Ji-min, Suga, Jin, RM, and J-Hope was nominated in the Best Pop Duo/Group category for their hit song “Butter.”

However, the award ultimately went to Doja Cat and SZA for their rendition of “Kiss Me More.”

Since the loss of BTS, their fans, also known as The Army, have shared their disappointment on social media.

“BTS got robbed. They got robbed. I’m tired of this shit,” one fan wrote.

Another person added, “You never fail to be a bunch of crooks. Stop using BTS for influence, you’ve made the army stay woke and waste time knowing BTS won’t win #scammys.

The hashtag #Scammys has also been trending on Twitter since BTS lost.

“So you telling me BTS can win nine US music awards but not a Grammy?…….Okay. #scammys #BTSxGrammys #BTS,” another fan wrote.

Many fans blame the Grammys for using BTS for ratings.

“Fuck the Grammys. You’ve done this to @BTS_twt twice! #scammys #GRAMMYs you’re a joke, you once again stole that award from them and kept this category to the end just for your grades stupid,” wrote one fan.

Another person added: “I am literally speechless. BTS directly carries the rn industry and they still do this shit??? #scams.

At the Sunday, April 3 awards show in Las Vegas, BTS signed up Olivia Rodrigo for the performance of “Butter.”

South Korean boy band channeled Impossible mission and James Bond for their choreography, jumping over laser beams and dressed in black.

The performance started with Rodrigo sharing a moment with V, as the band member came down to where the Best New Artist winner was sitting in the audience and whispered something in his ear.

During the performance, J-Hope tripped on stage and tripped over a raised platform and fell down some stairs.

However, he managed to stay on his feet, joining the rest of the group and smiling.

Follow live updates from the Grammy Awards here. See the updated list of winners in full here.

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