‘American Song Contest’: musical trio Sweet Taboo are here to spread the message of self-love

With 56 performers on the stage for the “American Song Contest”, fans watched unknown talents, rising stars and legendary icons sing along in the hope of winning the show. Hosted by Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson, the show celebrates the depth, style and genres of music in America.

As the show enters Week 5 of the qualifying rounds, the states and singers who have made the cut so far are – In Week 1 – Hueston from Rhode Island, AleXa from Oklahoma, Christian Pagán from Puerto Rico and Connecticut’s Michael Bolton. Artist of the Week 2 – Jordan Smith from Kentucky, Broderick Jones from Kansas, Jonah Prill from Montana and Chloe Fredericks from North Dakota. In Week 3 — Tyler Braden of Tennessee, Ni/Co of Alabama, Grant Knoche of Texas and Riker Lynch of Colorado. And in Week 4, the judges picked Washington State’s Allen Stone to advance to the semifinals, while the public’s picks have yet to be revealed.

‘American Song Contest’: Meet Allen Stone, the WA singer who hopes to ‘burn one’ with Snoop Dogg

“American Song Contest”: Allen Stone enters the semi-finals, fans call his voice “silky smooth”

Who is Sweet Taboo?

Sweet Taboo is a musical group that will represent California on the “American Song Contest” stage. The act stars Jen, Sami, ICP Bre, whose hometowns are Burbank, CA, Whittier, CA, and San Bernardino, CA, respectively. Jen currently resides in Tarzana, Sami in Whittier and ICP Bre in Victorville. The band will perform their original song, “Keys to the Kingdom.” During a conversation with Sweety High, the ladies explained the meaning of the name “Sweet Taboo”. “Sweet Taboo has a double meaning! It represents our duality. We have our “sweet” side, nice girl, but we also have our “taboo” side, bad b ****. Everyone can use a ‘little piece’ of both in their life!” they said.

The ladies also have their roles in the group – Sami and Jen are the singers while ICP Bre is the rapper. The trio are big on self-expression and love and try to embody that in their music as well. “We’re huge on female empowerment and want to spread self-love. It’s so important to appreciate and celebrate yourself, but also to hype and support the bad guys around you. Don’t don’t be afraid to be yourself and know that Sweet Taboo has always had you. Sending love to everyone!” they said.

According to their NBC biography – “Sweet Taboo is a Los Angeles-based Latin group consisting of Jen, Sami and rapper ICP Bre. Their sound is described as a mix of R&B, hip-hop and pop with a Latin twist. Their songs have a little English and a little Spanish, and a lot of bitch boss Sweet Taboo cover songs have gone viral, garnering millions of views on TikTok and being reposted by DJ Khaled, Kehlani, Russ and Bia. All born and raised in California, they are proud to represent their state.”

‘American Song Contest’ airs Monday at 8/7c on NBC. You can vote for your favorite performances on the NBC website, NBC app, and TikTok. You can also stream songs from your favorite artists on your favorite music streaming app.

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