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I am writing this sitting on a bench on the Aldeburgh seafront, drinking a beer. This is perhaps the most relaxed I have felt since the middle of 2019, because there are two things that heal my life: music and the sea. Considering that most of the time I live in the landlocked center of England, it is a rare and damn incredible thing when my two favorite things come together, so I make the most of it, with this lot in my ears …


Alissa Salls spent much of her childhood in her Brazilian village learning her musical art and evoking sounds with a range of instruments, including English class favorite, the humble recorder. Fast forward to today, and she writes and performs under the name Alissic, creating some truly unique music, music that effortlessly blurs the lines between the alternative and pop realms, and has lyrical themes of which we have all needed in our lives right now.

For me, Alissic’s latest single, Piano, is also a glorious meeting of minds, as the stars (figuratively and literally) aligned, as it was co-written and produced alongside two other people. among the most talented in the world I have ever had. the pleasure of knowing: Dan Lancaster (thanks to all the old school fans of Proceed), and the one and only Oli Sykes.

God complex

From someone who’s about to explode (Alissic), to a band who actually ended their own life but released an album posthumously, this is what you need in your life . The life of the heavyweights of the Merseyside God Complex was far too short, but their album To Decay In A Deathless World keeps its promises 11 songs in just under 25 Minutes that sound like your favorite tech-metal, wild hardcore, and even black metal bands have been put into a mixer. God Complex creates explosive, uplifting and destructive music, and tracks like Season Of Blood illustrate very quickly why we have to convince these guys to come out of the grave.

Joe appleford

I mentioned earlier Dan Lancaster and Oli Sykes, two artists who absolutely reek of talent. Now let me just say this: I’m not good at so many things in life. In fact, I am terrible at most things. But one thing that I 100 percent on myself is spotting talent. I can almost see the talent; it sparkles on people. To me, it’s quite obvious who has it and who doesn’t. A person who does he have is Joe Appleford.

I was obsessed with his latest band (Bad Sign), and I was absolutely disgusted when they called him up one day, but not as much as Joe, who walked into a hole and could barely bring himself to pick up his guitar. . However, inspiration can come from so many places, and for Joe, the push that got him moving came from his Nana! Nana Appleford told him that she had dreamed that it was him, him and him alone, on stage, performing in front of a huge crowd. That vote of confidence was all he needed to get back to writing riffs and getting started as a solo artist. Don’t take my word for it when I say this guy does he have… Listen for yourself.


I then head to Norway for a slice of gargantuan vastness of Fixation. This is a band with a pompous Muse-style sense of pomp, mixed with the heavy, ethereal vibe that modern Bring Me The Horizon fans will love. Their vocalist Jonas Hansen’s voice is essentially the sonic version of this epic thing that happens when a beam of light passes through dark, dense clouds. It’s like a gift, and it’s as powerful as it is beautiful. It’s also good too, because to lead a band that creates such a heroic sound like Fixation, you have to have a pretty special voice.

New music is on the way from these guys, and you can hear their latest single Stay Awake on my show on Kerrang! Radio, but until the video drops, here is one of their greatest songs yet…

stay mellow

You may have noticed that over the past five years or so, loads of people who would normally have been in emo bands tore up their My Chemical Romance posters, wiped off their eyeliner, and took to SoundCloud to check out. express through rap instead. Now, I have nothing against that at all, but I always wondered what it would be like if an artist came out who dipped their toes into this pond, but stayed on the more alternate side of this equation. Fortunately, I no longer wonder, because stayMellow is that artist, and he is absolutely amazing. Look at this space – this guy is going CUT. UP.

Hear Alex Baker perform The Fresh Blood Show on Kerrang! Radio, Wednesday evenings of tenpm.

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Posted on October 29, 2021 at 5:00 p.m.

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