A Bedford County native gets a golden ticket to “American Idol” and goes to Hollywood!

A Bedford County native goes to Hollywood!

Mark Osborne, 26, appeared on Sunday night’s “American Idol” episode, playing Whiskey Myers’ Stone for judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie.

The episode dove a bit into the Bedford County native’s history, including interviews with his parents, Silas Ray and Dreama.

Prior to appearing on the show, Osborne was a member of a band playing three to four shows a week; however, after about 16 months the band broke up.

During a period of unemployment, Osborne explained how he tried to keep playing music, but “I just couldn’t get over it,” he said during the featurette.

He then returned home to take a job at an Advance Auto Parts warehouse.

“I’m trying out for American Idol because my mom asked me for it for her birthday,” Osborne said. “If I get a golden ticket, it would show me, I guess, that I was wrong to give it up.”

After her performance, the judges had this to say:

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  • “It’s just authentic.” – Katy Perry.

  • More than his singing voice, Judge Lionel Richie was a particular fan of one of Osborne’s feature films. “The mustache brings the money,” proclaimed Lionel Richie, as he asked a cameraman to zoom in on Osborne’s face after his audition.

  • “I think vocally, I think later, potentially, if you get to Hollywood, we’re going to push you to really dig into other things, but I really like where you’re at and your approach.” -Luke Bryan

After a quick vote, the three judges shouted “You’re going to Hollywood”, letting Osborne know he was through to the next round of the competition.

This season has a total of five weeks of audition episodes before the show hits Hollywood on March 28.

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