22 pop culture predictions for 2022

5: Netflix for games
The streamer has made strides in the gaming world and promises to dramatically change the way we consume pop culture in 2022: Instead of TV shows, now we’re going to endlessly scroll through game titles before we choose nothing and go to bed.

6: Children’s TV 2.0
Mr. Squiggle will get a restart. After drawing the scribble for each episode, he sells it as NFT.

7: Beyond 2000

One of the biggest features of 2021 has been the mainstream re-emergence of weird millennial micro-trends: British garage and trip-hop (Pink Pantheress), R&B Y2K (Kacey Musgraves), even Crazy Frog had a new song ( not to mention the frog-inspired Crazy MC Boing). Next year, pop culture will be mostly DVD commentary and Joy covers.

8: The Squid game effect
Continuing the monster success of Netflix’s hit Korean drama, other streaming services will be commissioning a slew of bloody TV series based on innocent children’s games. There should be some good thoughts around Handball and Elastic bands.

9: The era of Pete Davidson’s paternity test
Between his scattered attitude and the large number of Hollywood starlets, the SNL the actor is seduced, it is a miracle that there is not already a booty of little Petes traveling the world. Oh, but there will be.

10: The revival of romantic comedy

Between the one where Jennifer Lopez plays a popstar who marries the awkward Owen Wilson, and the one where Sandra Bullock plays a novelist who gets lost in the jungle with her model Channing Tatum, 2022 is already shaping up to be Oscar season. com.

11: The metaverse takes over
Since COVID will never end, it probably makes sense to just live inside our computers now. 2022 will bring another round of VR concerts, exclusive online events and, of course, black vinyl trench coats (why have we already let goths decide the fashion of the future?)

12: To recover to epic music docos

Paul McCartney, Ringo Star, John Lennon and George Harrison in Peter Jackson’s Get Back. Credit:Apple Corps

The winning answer to Peter Jackson’s captivating Beatles doco should spark a new mini-genre. For starters, the drug sessions that produced Happy Mondays’ Yes please and sent Factory Records bankrupt deserve the To recover treatment as soon as possible.

13: Bin the frenzy
Following the weekly effervescence of last season Succession, everyone will realize that we have watched badly television over the past decade. Ten episodes of Emilie in Paris in two days is pretty psychotic, and we all acted like it was so normal.

14: Here is the “Brendan Fraser rection”

Brendan Fraser, pictured in June, owes his close-up.

Brendan Fraser, pictured in June, owes his close-up.Credit:Invision

It’s finally time for Brendan Fraser’s triumphant “Fraser-rection” (but, uh, there’s probably a better name for that). the Encino man The Hollywood recluse star has a number of prominent roles next year, including Martin Scorsese Moon Flower Killers, Bat girl with Michael Keaton and Darren Aronofsky The whale, where he plays a “lonely English teacher suffering from severe obesity”. I can smell the rave reviews.

15: 2022 Most Spoken TV Show?
It won’t be Amazon’s the Lord of the Rings prequel, or HBO Game of thrones prequel – this will be the one from Hulu Pam and Tommy, which revisits the 1995 scandal behind the world’s first celebrity sex tape. It is directed by Aussie Craig Gillespie and stars Lily James, Sebastian Stan and Seth Rogen as the disgruntled electrician who leaked the tape.

16: Elizabeth Debicki, local princess

Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana in Season 5 of The Crown.

Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana in Season 5 of The Crown.Credit:Netflix

Melbourne actress Elizabeth Debicki is set to become a superstar when she debuts as Princess Diana in The crown‘s fifth season in 2022. At 1.91m, they’ll need a ladder to top it off. Because she is tall.

17: A special stand-up for the ages?

Given John Mulaney’s surprisingly vulnerable post-drug rehab appearance on Seth Meyers’ talk show in September, where he revealed his fellow comedians (including Meyers and Fred Armisen) had organized an intervention on his alcoholism , the next stand-up special is bound to be a Pryor -esque masterpiece. Or maybe it’s just super depressing, one or the other.

18: In 2022, everyone will be talking about it The Godfather
That’s because the 1972 film celebrates its 50th anniversary in March. I don’t expect applause for predicting this correctly, but I’ll take it.

19: The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be … something
I’m not even talking about football, I’m talking about its broadcast. SBS, still reeling from the funding cuts, is likely to resell its rights as they did in 2018 – which has worked so well for Optus. So where will we be watching the tournament in November? Probably on TikTok at this rate.

20: Cancel cultivation, continued
I can’t wait to hear 82-year-old John Cleese’s 2022 take on the topic. Does he still hate it? Stop the presses!

21: The Grammys as a social metaphor
Like mid-games against negative gears, the 2022 Grammys promise a generational war: it’s a battle between Olivia Rodrigo, 18, and Tony Bennett, 95. Who will win? Probably Taylor Swift (i.e. crushed lawyers).

22: What will #FreeBritney do with her freedom?
The possibilities are limitless. But I think she’s going to open a theme park.

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