10 Cool New Pop Songs: Japanese Breakfast, Rauw Alejandro

‘Savage Good Boy’, the first track from Japanese Breakfast’s third album, has an optimistic rebound Jubilee; Like new pornographers when they want to be optimistic, this bright slice of indie-pop boasts a cheerful, hard-earned attitude that’s contagious.

Billie Marten, “Human Replacement”

Billie Marten excels in gorgeous indie folk, but as the cover of her third album Flora fauna – which shows her smiley face covered in dirt and teeth and everything – is a clear sign that the 21-year-old singer-songwriter is ready to step out of her comfort zone. With an icy voice, a brooding bassline and some wacky strings, “Human Replacement” is a heartbreaking protest against what Marten describes as “the absurdity of not being able to go out anywhere at night as a woman.”

PawPaw Rod, “Glass House”

On “Glass House”, PawPaw Rod’s sequel to “Hit Em Where It Hurts”, the rapper-singer demonstrates that the buzz of his debut single of 2020 was barely out of place. A syncopated beat and offbeat looping vocals provide the forward movement in this hazy, intoxicating brew of laid-back R&B vibes that’s a must-have for any summer 2021 playlist.

Beverlee, “Logic is lost”

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Beverlee lets her bizarre interior hover over the aptly named “Logic Is Lost”, a romantic piano song that quickly takes a detour into a captivating and moody alt-pop landscape with vocals quirky and weird, vintage samples.

Holly Humberstone, “The Walls Are Too Thin”

British singer-songwriter Holly Humberstone recently released some fascinating dream-pop singles, but on the new track “The Walls Are Way Too Thin” her formula reaches its climax. A song about emotional claustrophobia is juxtaposed against a spacious pop-rock production, as Humberstone longs to breathe and wraps its vulnerabilities around a stellar hook.

Jeffe, “Home”

The video for Jeffe’s new single opens with the singer-songwriter from the UK to Australia spinning in place while bathed in neon green; listening to “Home” produces a similar effect, with quivering rhythms and moving harmonies keeping the listener warm before the hook comes in and causes a slight sway (while standing or sitting – your choice).

Hauskey, “Cream shirt”

“I think it could be forever,” sings Hauskey from Australia on the new track “Cream Shirt,” a sweet song about the beauty crystallized in the moments leading up to sudden great loss. In addition to contemplating this wound, “Cream Shirt” revel in memories of a perfect reality, the percussion leaping forward and prompting Hauskey to process his feelings.

James Vincent McMorrow, “Paradise”

The Irish singer-songwriter has made a name for himself creating beautifully haunting music, but he’s now exploring a sunnier, more rhythmic path thanks in part to Paul Epworth, who produced the artist’s latest single. ” Paradise “- which, in fact, evokes the feeling of being or yearning to be in a warm and carefree place – on his next album Grapefruit season released on July 16.

Rauw Alejandro, “Todo De Ti”

Having collaborated with everyone from Ozuna to Selena Gomez, 28-year-old Puerto Rican artist Rauw Alejandro is emerging as a major name on his own, proving he can cross the line between reggaeton and music. pop. On “Todo De Ti” he’s quite into the latter with retro production and laid back energy perfect for those hot summer days.

Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen, “As Used To Be”

Whenever two top-tier singer-songwriters team up, expectations will be high – and on “Like I Used To,” Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen deliver. While the two have been peers for years, meeting often on the touring circuit, Van Etten reached out to Olsen in June 2020 for a suitable collaboration, and the result is this subtle explosion of sentimentality.

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